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Lucite Tongue Retainers

Lucite Tongue Retainers

Flexible jewelry is defined as jewelry made of softer, flexible materials. Unlike metals, this jewelry is more comfortable and provide other advantages to the wearer.

However, such jewelry is often not suited for prolonged wear, so it’s typically used as temporary jewelry for your piercing. Even with this drawback, flexible jewelry is immensely important because it offers certain advantages over metal jewelry or jewelry made of other sturdy materials. Also, there are some flexible materials that can be worn for longer periods of time.

Advances of Flexible Jewelry

Flexible jewelry offers some advances over metal and other sturdy jewelry:

  • More comfort. This type of jewelry is soft and flexible, so it provides more comfort to the wearer. Also, this jewelry is typically lightweight, much lighter than metal or even organic jewelry, which only contributes to the comfort.
  • Reduces the risk of rejection. While the risk can never be completely removed, this type of jewelry does reduce it. It will less likely cause migration or rejection. This is one of the main reasons why flexible jewelry is a good choice for surface piercings and other piercings known for a high rejection rate.
  • It’s easier to hide. This is not an advantage in usual circumstances, when you wish your body jewelry to be eye-catching, but it becomes useful in situations when you wish to hide your jewelry. There are many circumstances in which you might need to make your body jewelry low-key (usually for the work), so this is a good way to go.

When to Use Flexible Jewelry?

While it’s ok to wear flexible jewelry whenever you want, it’s particularly suitable for certain situations and certain piercing types.

First of all, this jewelry is great for surface piercings or whenever you wish to prolong the life of a piercing. This is particularly important for temporary piercings, such as corset piercings. Flexible jewelry will cause less irritation or pressure than metal jewelry pieces. While this jewelry is not as effective as dermal punches and surface bars, they are more useful than metal jewelry in these situations.

For similar reasons, flexible jewelry might be used for industrial piercings or orbital piercings to reduce the pressure on the piercing holes.

Another good reason to use this type of jewelry is during pregnancy. Pregnant women may wish to wear flexible jewelry in their navel piercings instead of metal jewelry, in order to reduce discomfort.

Flexible jewelry is also a good choice for all situations in which you cannot wear metal jewelry, such as airports, hospitals and other similar situations in which metal jewelry is forbidden or not recommended. Also, as mentioned above, this type of jewelry works great as hides jewelry so you can wear it in all situations in which you wish to make your piercing less visible.

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