Flesh Tube(s) from The Chain Gang Body Jewelry Store

Welcome to The Chain Gang Body Jewelry Store. We sell body jewelry as unique as the people wearing it. Every piece of body jewelry you find on our store is one-of-a-kind high quality product specially crafted for you. The Chain Gang is your source for quality body piercing jewelry. Would you like to wear the same body jewelry products as everybody else wear? Us neither.
Flesh Tube(s)We now bring to you “Flesh Tube(s)” from our alluring range of “Earlets and Tunnels“. The Flesh Tubes are very simple to insert and wear. You just need to slide the tube through your body piercing and put on the O-Rings. Thats it and you are done! Its as quick and easy to do. Kindly note that these Flesh Tubes do not have the grooves for the O-Rings so you can tighten them right up snug.

Our online store specializes in unique Ear Plugs, Charms, Curved Barbells and other quality body jewelry for all of your body piercings. To buy Flesh Tube(s) just visit our online shopping store and go to “Flesh Tube(s)” presently under our “Earlets and Tunnels” section. The product is priced at $14.99.

About The Chain Gang:
At Body Jewelry by The Chain Gang we produce some of the very finest Quality Body Piercing Jewelry and Adult Toys in the Industry. We are also always happy to help you whenever we can. Just email us. Russ@TheChainGang.com www.TheChainGang.com

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