First Time Sounding Pain

First Time Sounding PainFirst time sounding is a special and exciting experience. Those who want to try urethral play know that they need a lot of patience and preparation. If you want to be responsible, it is important to learn as much as you can about urethral sounding and how to stay safe.

It is important to know how to choose your urethral toys, proper sterile lube and how to minimize risks associated with urethral sounding. However, even with the best preparation you can encounter first time sounding pain. What to do in this situation? 

First Time Sounding Pain: Why Does it Happen?

Why does first time sounding pain occur? One might think that it happens only with careless users. Some people are so eager to try urethral play that they jump at the opportunity without preparation. Those people might not know how to choose the appropriate urethral toys for beginners or might not use proper sounding lube. Even worse, they may rush things out or use random objects for sounding. It is not surprising that these people encounter lots of pain and discomfort when they attempt urethral play for the first time.

However, there are people who do everything by the book and still experience first time sounding pain. These people may take their time to choose the right urethral sound and penis plugs for beginners. They also learn everything they can about proper sounding technique and how to stay safe during urethral play.

Then they try to insert a toy into the urethra and encounter pain. Why does this happen? It is important to understand that even if you do everything by the book, you may experience pain and discomfort the first time you attempt urethral play. First time sounding pain is normal, in a way, because this is the first time that your urethra expands to accept urethral toys. Also, this is the first time that you subject your body to such sensations. Since urethra is not made to accept things inside but to expel fluids out of the body, sounding can be an uncomfortable experience. 

How to Avoid Pain?

In a way, you cannot tell for sure if you will experience first time sounding pain or if you will avoid it. Some people’s urethra is simply more sensitive than the other people’s. It may also be due to your fear and inexperience. Do not feel bad about it: as long as you are careful and as long as you know all the safety requirements, chances are that you will be fine.

Of course, if the pain becomes too strong and sharp, or if you experience bleeding and other problems, it is best to consult your doctor immediately. However, if it all ends in discomfort and pain during insertion, chances are that you just need a bit more practice.

To get rid of pain during insertion and to prevent first time sounding pain, it is important to use plenty of lube. Sterile lubricant is a must with urethral play, so use it. These lubricants are typically powerful so you don’t need much to make it smooth. However, if you still feel huge discomfort, add a bit more lube. Make sure to lube both the entrance of the urethra and the toy itself.

In Conclusion

Most of the time, lube will help you minimize the pain, especially if you manage to squirt it all the way down the penis. Other reasons for pain during insertion may be urethra that is too small for the chosen toy: in this case, try making it loose by inserting a smaller toy or start with just a tip and build your way up from there. In order to avoid pain, make sure to go slowly and carefully. Some people need more time to insert urethral toys because their urethra need more time to “open up” and adjust to the feeling of urethral stimulation. This is why it’s so important to be patient and not to rush things out.

Happy sounding!

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