Finding a Kink-Friendly Doctor

Finding a Kink-Friendly DoctorIf you engage in BDSM or other types of kink activities, it is important to consult a kink-friendly doctor. Such a doctor can help you stay safe and give you advice on how to prevent problems associated with your chosen activity.

People who are into BDSM, chastity play, electro sex, ball stretching, urethral stimulation, CBT and other types of kink should seek a doctor who understands their needs. It is absolutely crucial to find a doctor who can help you prevent injuries and other problems.

Tips for Finding a Kink-Friendly Doctor

Here are some tips for finding a kink-friendly doctor:

  • The best way to conduct your search is online. It is much easier to find a doctor who caters to your kink if you talk to members of the Depending on your interests, there are people who share your enthusiasm and who can help you find a good doctor who will understand you. Remember, you need to be as specific as possible, because not all kinks are the same and not all doctors are trained for everything.

  • The need for kink-friendly doctors is high. There are many people sharing your kink who are looking for a doctor. Take a look online, preferably in forums and communities specialized in your own kink. Chances are that these people will be able to help you, since they, too, need a kink-friendly doctor. Most of these doctors are located in big cities but there are some in smaller places, so one might live near you.

  • Search around the area. Searching online is easier than going from doctor’s office to doctor’s office. However, if you can’t find a kink-friendly doctor through online search and forums, do ask around doctor’s offices in your area. If you feel nervous to talk to people in person, send an email or call an office to ask. True, some doctors will refuse to talk about kink issues, but chances are that you will find the ones who are at least open about it, if not well-trained.

  • You might seek general advice online. Finally, you may resort to online doctor’s advice. This is the worst way to go because nothing can substitute examination. However, those living in remote areas without any kink-friendly doctors may try to get generalized advice from medical professionals online. Again, this is not an ideal situation – recommended action is to seek doctor in person. However, if it is absolutely impossible for you to do it, try to find a kink-friendly doctor who offers online help. This help is very limited because no doctor can answer anything pertaining to your situation without examination, but it may help with certain generalized questions. In case you find it absolutely impossible to find a kink-friendly doctor you can visit, this may be a chance to get some general answers. However, if you have a specific issue it is important to talk to a doctor in person, even if they are not kink-friendly.

Remember, your main goal is to stay healthy and safe while practicing your favorite sexual activity. It is vital not to harm your health in the process, so this is why it’s so important to find a kink-friendly doctor to help you.

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Donna Carlson is a staff writer for TheChainGang. She combines her love for body piercings with adult fun, such as sex toys, BDSM and other forms of pleasure. She says: “Piercings and sex toys often complement each other in the most sensual ways. I am happy to help you discover new ways to pleasure yourself and your partner. With a bit of practice, anyone can learn how to enhance their love life. And with a bit of courage, anyone can enjoy body piercings”. In addition to intimate piercings and adult toys, Donna also writes about body jewelry and other piercing adornments.

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