How to Find a Sounding Buddy?

Urethral Sounding BuddyI LOVE to use sounds and am trying to find a “Sounding Buddy”. Any idea how to go about doing this? ~ Chuck

Partner sounding is an exciting activity that many people like. Urethral play is very exciting on its own, but it may become even better when you have a sounding buddy to perform urethral stimulation on you. However, it is not always easy to get such a person. How to find a sounding buddy and where to start looking?

Internet is Your Friend

As with many other things, Internet is a goldmine for those who want to find a sounding buddy. With so many specialized fetish websites and other places for niche interests, it is relatively easy to find like-minded individuals. This is why Internet is usually the first step someone needs to take to find a sounding buddy.

The best places to look are forums and websites dedicated to urethral sounding. There are many people who like this sexual activity so chances are that some of them are into partner sounding. This is typically the quickest and easiest way to find a sounding buddy.

Even if this direct approach doesn’t work, you may end up communicating with people who can help you find a sounding buddy elsewhere. Getting into a fetish community online is a good way to build connections and learn where to find like-minded individuals offline.

Sure, it may sounds too easy, but you need to start somewhere. It might not go this smoothly but immersing yourself into a niche community is usually a good place to start.

Your Existing Partner

Sometimes, it’s best to simply ask. Ask your partner to see if they are interested. It can be as simple as that. You can’t assume that people are against this unless you ask them. You may try approaching this subject with your partner to see what they think. Of course, you should never try to push them into it but you may be surprised by the answer.

Some people don’t know if they are into sounding or not. Since urethral stimulation and other types of urethral play are not a mainstream sexual activity, there are many people who don’t even consider it as an option. As such, they might not know if they are into it or not. At the same time, they may be intrigued by the idea.

In other words, you own partner or another person you are close to may be the ideal person for your sounding buddy. There are many people who find a sounding buddy unexpectedly, just by talking to their partner or another person they know. Do not assume that everyone would be against it.

However, if you want to use this approach, remember to be tactful and respectable. These are intimate things and you cannot just ask random people. You are risking to offend someone or cause further trouble. For this reason, it is absolutely crucial to be sensitive and careful when talking about these things.

How to Find a Sounding Buddy: Tips

Here are some additional tips on how to find a sounding buddy:

  • It is always best to go with a sounding partner who has plenty of experience, particularly if you are a beginner. Remember, some things you can’t learn just by reading about them. Sounding and urethral play are definitely on the list of things you need to actually practice to get right.
  • At the same time, do not ignore a partner who is enthusiastic but lacks experience. There are ways to learn this together. However, you need to be careful and go very slowly.
  • Communication is the key. This is particularly important when it comes to all kinds of kinks. Partner sounding requires a high level of communication so this is why it might not be an ideal activity to do with a stranger.
  • You may wish to try sounding alone at first, to see if this is something you truly enjoy. Unless you only find it arousing when someone else does it to you, in which case you will need to find a partner.
  • This goes for all types of sexual activities: if, at any point, you feel uneasy or if you experience pain and other problems, just stop. Remember, this should be fun so there is no need to push yourself over the limit.
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