Where to Find Large Gauge PA Jewelry?

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Am looking for some Large gauge; Savage PA jewelry

Large Gauge PA JewelryLarge gauge PA jewelry is ideal for those who have stretched Prince Albert piercings and other stretched genital piercings. While some PA jewelry is small and discreet there are many men looking for massive, heavy jewelry in their Prince Albert piercing. This is where large gauge PA jewelry pieces come in handy.

We offer a wide range of Prince Albert jewelry pieces. Many of these come in extremely large gauges for your enjoyment and preferences. A good PA jewelry piece has to be safe for the body so it needs to be made of a safe material such as a 316LVM Surgical Steel, titanium or 14k nickel-free gold. It also needs to be smooth so it doesn’t harm the delicate tissue. At the same time, a good large gauge piece has to be powerful and massive so it can provide intense sensations for your PA piercing.

Those looking for large gauge PA jewelry also want to feel the heavy sensation of the jewelry pulling on their piercing, so this is why such a jewelry piece needs to be massive and large.

Recommended Large Gauge PA Jewelry

There are many amazing large gauge PA jewelry pieces you can use for your piercing. Many of these jewelry pieces are also great for other male genital jewelry or other stretched piercings. One great thing about them is that they are smooth and comfortable so they are safe for your genitalia. At the same time, these large gauge PA jewelry pieces are there to provide the best sensations imaginable.

Here are some of our bestselling large gauge PA jewelry pieces:

Tribal Dream Circle Ring

Tribal Dream Circle Ring. This is a massive seamless ring ideal for genital piercings. This is a 316LVM Surgical Steel Ring so it is completely safe for the body and perfectly smooth. This huge ring comes in large gauges such as 4 gauge, 2 gauge, 1 gauge, 0 gauge, 00 gauge and even bigger (1/2 inch and 5/8 inch rings).

Monster Screwball Ring 

Monster Screwball Ring. This is the most massive screwball ring in our collection. This is a fantastic 316LVM ring that is also perfectly smooth so it is safe for genital piercings. The ball is huge so it can nicely stimulate your penis if you position it correctly. The ball of the ring screws onto the body of the ring – there is no fear that you might lose the ball. This huge ring comes in gauges 00 gauge and very large ones: ½ inch, 5/8 inch, 11/16 inch and ¾ inch gauges.

Big Ball Chunk Ring

Big Ball Chunk Ring. This is a premium piece ideal for those who need their PA jewelry to be heavy and to provide additional stretching feeling. This ring is not only smooth and massive but also comes with a super-size ball for your pleasure. The ball itself acts as a weight so it is definitely one of the best large gauge PA jewelry piece out there. This heavy ring comes in 2 gauge, 0 gauge and 00 gauge. Those who prefer a bit smaller rings can also have it in 8 gauge and 6 gauge.

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