Is Female Sounding Safe?

Female Urethral StimulationFemale sounding and female urethral stimulation are still an unknown to many people. While urethral play in general is not something general population knows a lot about, it is undeniable that male urethral stimulation is more known.

In a way, this is not surprising, since male urethra is longer and wider and thus can accommodate larger toys. At the same time, men can enjoy direct prostate stimulation during sounding, which is the most exciting thing about urethral play for many men. It is there not surprising that male urethral stimulation is more known than urethral play for women.

However, this doesn’t mean that women cannot engage in urethral play or that they cannot enjoy it. On the contrary. Urethral stimulation can bring a lot of pleasure to women and lead to some mind-blowing orgasms. The main thing to keep in mind is that you need to be careful and responsible if you wish to engage in this activity.

Questions about Safety

The main thing many women want to know about urethral sounding is whether it’s safe or not. In part, this is a common question for all people who wish to try this type of sexual activity. Both men and women need to understand risks of urethral stimulation and how to stay safe during this activity. It is undeniable that urethral play brings some risks and that you need to be careful and to follow safety guidelines in order to ensure a safe and comfortable sounding experience.

Most of this advice, however, is often targeted at men and male urethral play. Men are taught how to position their penis during insertion of urethral toys and how to stretch their urethra in order to be able to take larger toys. Men are also taught how to perform deep urethral stimulation that can reach their prostate and how to make a safe use of very long urethral toys. Many of these things do not apply to women.

Women have a shorter urethra that is also narrow. As such, women can only insert urethral toys a few inches at most and typically cannot enjoy very long urethral toys. These are exceptions, but keep in mind that they refer to the extreme forms of urethral stimulation that most women do not want to experience. Typical female urethral play will use only the first top inches of a urethral toy. Also, toys used will usually be thinner than those suitable for men, because women have a narrower urethral passage.

That being said, it is also important to remember that women, too, can stretch their urethra to very large sizes and that it’s dangerous to use toys that are too thin for your urethral passage. This is one of the most important things both men and women need to keep in mind.

At the same time, this is one of the things that can impair safety so you need to pay close attention to it during your urethral play. While this is something men, too, need to remember, women have to be even more careful because their urethra is much shorter.

The main risk women face from urethral play are urinary tract infections. Since women have a shorter urethra than men, it is easier for infections to spread into the bladder and to lead to numerous problems. This is why it is absolutely important to use only fully sterilized urethral toys and to always urinate after urethral play. It is also helpful to drink plenty of cranberry juice and water in general. These things should help you prevent urinary tract infections, though remember that they are always a risk when engaging in urethral play. Even men are at risk to develop urinary infections but the risk is higher for women.

Is Female Sounding Safe: The Verdict

Female sounding can be done in a safe way, so this is a sexual activity that it’s not reserved only for men. However, you need to be very careful and to closely follow all the safety guidelines in order to ensure safety.

The first thing you should do is to find a kink-friendly doctor who will examine you and let you know if you are allowed to try urethral stimulation in the first place. If you are already experimenting with this form of sexual play, make sure to visit your doctor to ask about tips on how to keep yourself safe in the process. Your doctor will highlight the main things you need to remember in order to make your sounding experience safe and enjoyable.

Some of the most important things to keep in mind is to be careful and use plenty of lube to make the experience as comfortable and smooth as possible. You need to go slowly and never insert any toys deeper than it’s comfortable. You will feel your body’s natural resistance at some point and toys should not be inserted deeper than that. You should not shove the toy more than it’s comfortable. This is something you need to remember in order to minimize the risks and make your urethral play safe and enjoyable.

Remember, men are not the only ones who can enjoy urethral play, but women need to take some extra steps to ensure safety during this form of sexual activity.

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  1. The Women’s urethra is relatively short, therefore, one is fast in the bladder and there the risk of infection is very high. In the area of the vulva, it is almost impossible to work sterile. As be careful. In men, a meatus external and urethral stretch is relatively safe because the urethra to the prostate is about 19cm long. If one does not penetrate into the urinary bladder is the risk of infection is not high. Because the urethra can always rinse with sterile urine.

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