Female Nipple Piercings on the “RISE”

You never know anymore who is pierced and who is not. A lot of us have piercings under cover. Nipple Piercings are especially trendy in females these days. The most intriguing part is that no one usually knows. That can be sexy in itself.
Before getting this piercing done your piercer should make sure that your nipple is erect. The reasoning behind this is you want you piercing done at the base of the nipple where it comes out of the areola. And erect is the only way to go, anyway.
There are also a lot of different types of Nipple Jewelry out there for you piercings. You can use a Captive Bead Ring, Straight Barbell, Curved Barbell, or Circular Barbell that is total up to you. They are available in Surgical Steel, Titanium, or 14K Gold. With gems or dangles, chains or spikes. So Ladies have fun with this piercing.
The healing time for this piercing can be any where between 6 – 16 weeks depending on your body and the quality of your aftercare. This is a very tricky piercing that needs to be cleaned at least daily, because of it being in a dark moist area which will promote bacteria growth. You should also try to wear loose clothing while this piercing is healing, because any additional stress will cause inflamation to your piercing in return prolonging healing time.

Getting this piercing done usually does not ever affect breast feeding, but if you suspect infection in your piercing get it checked as soon as possible so that it will not hinder your healing, or breast feeding abilities. Health and Safety should be always first.

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One thought on “Female Nipple Piercings on the “RISE”

  1. Mine are healing really well with just a spray of H2Ocean a couple times a day.
    These are the best piercing I have ever had and were less painful then my industrial.
    I love the sensuality of it and having my own little secret.

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