Is there a Female Nasallang Piercing?

Female Nasallang PiercingNasallang is one of the rarer nose piercings. However, it is still popular among many people who are looking for unusual facial piercings to try. There are many men who enjoy this unusual piercing. Some people wonder if this is male-only piercing or if it’s possible for women to enjoy nasallang.

The truth is, this piercing is not gender-specific. If you like the look and feel of a nasallang piercing you can get one, as long as your anatomy allows it. Your gender has nothing to do with it, so don’t worry.

Female Nasallang: Ladies with a Nasallang Piercing

While some studies suggest that nasallang piercing is more popular with men there are also many women who enjoy this unusual nose piercing. If you wish to try this piercing you can do it – your gender has nothing to do with it.

Nasallang is, indeed, a more unusual piercing. It is one of the rarer nose piercings. Those who want to have something more unusual than the common nostril and septum piercings may opt for a nasallang.

Nasallang piercing is a horizontal piercing through the nose. It is a complex piercings that goes through three points on the nose. In other words, the piercer makes three holes on your nose, so you need to be prepared for it. The first hole is on the right nostril, the second one on the septum and the final one on the left nostril. However, nasallang is a single piercing so all three holes are connected by the same jewelry piece.

This is a very striking piercing many women like. It is therefore a great opportunity for women who want to have an unusual piercing. Female nasallang is the same as male nasallang: it goes horizontally through the nose, from right to left nostril.

Typical jewelry for female nasallang is the same as that for male nasallang. Since this is a form of an Industrial piercing, good jewelry choice is a long, straight barbell: industrial barbell. Dependign on the beads on the barbell the jewelry can be very ornamented and attractive. Women who wish to get a nasallang piercing can opt for one of the more ornamented options. This way, nasallang piercing becomes super attractive and noticeable.

Nasallang and Ampallang: The Confusion

As you can see, there is nothing about this piercing that would make it a male-only piercing. Female nasallang is a thing and there are many women who enjoy this piercing and its jewelry choices to the fullest.

So, why the confusion? Nasallang is a nose piercing, albeit a rare one. Still, this is a nose piercing and both men and women can enjoy it. Therefore, it is not necessary to talk about “female nasallang” and “male nasallang”: this is basically the same piercing.

The confusion often comes because people sometimes mix nasallang and ampallang piercings. While nasallang is a piercing on the nose, ampallang is a genital piercing. More precisely, ampallang is a penis piercing. As such, this is a typical male piercing.

Ampallang goes horizontally through the penis. Most ampallang piercings are piercings of the penis glans (typical ampallang), but there are also shaft ampallang piercings, for the penis shaft. Ampallang piercing is one of the most popular male genital piercings.

Ampallang is a piercing you can only perform on a penis. It is therefore not surprising that it is a male genital piercing. Is there such a thing as female ampallang? Perhaps those asking about female nasallang actually want to know about ampallang?

One thing you need to understand about ampallang piercing is that it’s a penis piercing. As such, it can be performed only on a person with a penis. There are many transgender and agender people who have a penis so this piercing is not, strictly speaking, related to a specific gender. However, you need to have a penis to get an ampallang.

When it comes to female anatomy, there is no straight counterpart to ampallang. Horizontal Clitoral Hood piercing goes through the clitoral hood only. Clitoral piercing might be an equivalent, if you consider clitoris to be equivalent to penis head (which is not entirely correct). However, clitoral piercing is much rarer than ampallang piercings. In other words, there is no good alternative to ampallang piercing for a female anatomy.

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