Eye Brow Piercing to make your Personality Shine

Adding a bit of pizzazz to your face whether you are male or female is a great way to have your own unique personality stand out. The best way in which to accomplish this feat is with eye brow piercing. The idea of wearing jewelry not only on your ears where it may not be seen due to long hair, but on your face especially around your eyes will surely be a great way to express yourself.

Today, you can find a wide range of eyebrow jewelry created with various metals such as 14K gold, titanium, surgical steel and other precious metals and even acrylic. All of these will give you a variety of options to wear different eye brow jewelry for every occasion.

Lets take a closer look at the styles of eye brow piercing jewelry that you can find in each metal group. In 14K gold you can find seamless rings, segment rings, fixed bead rings, captive bead rings, gem ball ring, captive rings with specialty beads, curved barbell, straight barbell, diamond fixed bezel ring, trillion ring, bezel set, spiral, 6 stone ring, screwball rings, double side set gem spiral, double gem side set circular barbell, single gem set straight barbell, double side set gem straight barbell, double gem set curved barbell, micro prong eyebrow curved barbell, micro gem set skull eyebrow curved barbell, micro marquise eyebrow curved barbell, micro bezel eyebrow curved barbell, micro flower curved barbell, micro heart curved barbell, micro princess curved barbell, and a trillion straight barbell. These are just the examples found in 14K gold for your eyebrow piercing jewelry needs.

If you look under surgical steel and other materials you will find a wealth of other designs such as curved barbells, straight barbells, captive bead rings, Big Ballin Curved Barbell, Surgical Steel Jeweled Gripper Rings, Internally Threaded Gem Set Straight Barbells, Fluro Straight Barbells, and Genuine Baltic Amber Straight Barbells, to name a few. Other materials can give you even more ways to show off your magnetic personality with styles like Titanium Circular Barbells, Titanium Colored Captive Bead Rings, Blackline Gem Set Captive Bead Rings, All Acrylic UV Reactive Captive Rings, Titanium Carousel Straight Barbells, Titanium Custom Multi Spirals, and more.

As you can see, there are so many different styles of eyebrow jewelry that you will never have a problem choosing the perfect style of the day and showing off the way you feel.

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