Essential Tips for Sounding Prostate

Sounding prostate is a more extreme form of urethral stimulation. It can bring a lot of pleasure but this is an activity reserved for users with more experience. It is important to remember this because prostate sounding increases the risks of injuries and other problems. You need to know how to stay safe so you can have fun sounding prostate and having a good time without issues.

How to Sound Prostate?

Sounding ProstateProstate sounding is one of the most exciting and arousing things about urethral stimulation. Many people who experiment with urethral sounding do it with the purpose of stimulating the prostate. This is understandable on so many levels: prostate massage is powerful, intense and can bring numerous amazing feelings. Not to mention that it makes the orgasms so much more enjoyable.

Those who like anal P-spot massage may grow tired of this method at one point and might want to try something else. After all, anal prostate massage can stimulate the P-spot only indirectly. If you want a more direct way to stimulate your prostate you will need to reach it through the urethra.

This is where deep urethral play comes in. By using long urethral toys you can very deep into the urethra, pass the base of the penis and into the body. This is the best way to reach the prostate directly. There are many specially designed urethral sounds made for deep urethral stimulation and prostate massage. These toys typically have curve to follow the natural curve of the urethra. The most famous urethral sound for sounding prostate is Van Buren sound, but there are some other models you can try.

Prostate Sounding

Prostate sounding typically takes two forms. The less extreme one involves massaging your prostate gland with the tip of the urethral toy. This can produce numerous pleasurable sensations. The other, more extreme form of sounding prostate involves inserting the toy into the prostate. It means passing the barrier and inserting the toy into the part of the urethra located inside the prostate. Those who are really into extreme urethral play may wish to go even further and insert the toy pass the prostate, all the way into the bladder. Please note that while this is technically possible to do (and there are people who do it), it is something reserved only for users with the most experience who appreciate the very extreme sensations. Most users would probably not want to do that. Regular prostate stimulation, on the other hand, is less extreme but it still requires you to be careful and follow all the safety guidelines to avoid injuries and other problems.

Tips for Sounding Prostate

Here are some quick tips for sounding prostate:

  • Make sure you are ready. Prostate sounding and deep urethral stimulation require some experience. You need to be familiar with urethral toys and your urethra needs to be stretched and trained at least a little.
  • Use only appropriate urethral toys. These toys are specially designed for deep urethral stimulation and sounding prostate. Most of these toys have a curve to follow the natural curve of the urethra. Never use random urethral toys or, worse, general sex toys that are not made for urethral play.
  • No random objects. It goes without saying but it needs to be repeated: you should never use random objects and household items for urethral sounding. This is very dangerous and can lead to injuries and many other problems.
  • Listen to your body. It is very important to go slowly and to let your body adjust to the feeling of prostate stimulation. Take frequent breaks and if you experience prolonged discomfort, stop. You need to let your body recover before you try again.
  • Use plenty of lube. This is a must have for all forms of urethral stimulation, particularly deep urethral play and sounding prostate. Don’t be afraid to re-apply lube during use. This will make the experience more comfortable and safe.
  • Seek medical help if there is a problem. If, at any point, you feel sharp pain, prolonged discomfort, burning, discharge, bleeding, swelling, numbness or another problem, make sure to stop immediately. Take the sound out and consult your doctor. Urethral play can cause numerous problems and they are even more frequent with prostate sounding, so you need to be careful. Seek medical help immediately if you experience any problems.
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