Essential Dydoe Aftercare Tips

Dydoe PiercingDydoe is a popular male genital piercing and one of the most popular penis piercings in the world. It is also one of the most sensitive piercings you can get.

This is why it’s particularly important to perform adequate aftercare to avoid any potential problems.

Dydoe aftercare is not complicated and it’s similar to general piercing aftercare instructions. However, it is important to be careful since this is a highly sensitive piercing.

Cleaning and removing dried up discharge is not always easy because of the angle of the dydoe piercing. Another tricky part is the fact that dydoe piercings are often performed in pairs so there are two new piercings to think about. For this reason, it is important to be extra careful with this type of male genital piercing.

Dydoe Aftercare Tips

Here are some essential dydoe aftercare tips you should follow:

  • It is important to clean your dydoe piercing twice per day using a mild cleaner such as a saline solution. This is not the only thing you can use but it often works the best. Keep in mind that it is enough to clean twice per day. Doing it more will only result in over-cleaning, which can lead to dryness of the skin and additional problems.

  • Stick to the cleaning routine and make sure to do it every day, twice per day. This is not a time to be lazy! You need to be responsible with your new piercing.

  • When cleaning, make sure to remove any discharge and other accumulated materials from your piercing. This may not always be easy, so it is important to soak your dydoe piercing in the saline solution to soften the skin. After a few minutes of soaking it should be easy to remove any dried up discharge.

  • It is best to use cotton buds or a tip of a clean towel to clean your piercing and remove any crusts. Do not use fingers or any sharp objects for this purpose.

  • After the discharge is removed, gently apply the saline solution and rinse. It is very important to rinse off all of the saline solution or else you will get salt accumulating on your skin, which is not something you want.

  • Take your time during cleaning to observe your piercing and jewelry. It is very important to see how it’s doing and if there are any potential warning signs. Since infections and other problems are harder to treat if they have time to develop, it is absolutely crucial to catch any issue right in the beginning. This is when it’s easier to treat it.

  • Make sure to dry your piercing after taking a shower. Dydoe piercings are tricky because they are located at a sensitive spot that can get moist. This is not good for the healing. To prevent any potential issues make sure to dry up your skin and piercing well before putting your clothes on.

  • Keep in mind that dydoe piercings sometimes bleed a lot. This is generally normal, but if you are alarmed by the amount of blood, makes sure to consult your piercer and your doctor, if necessary. Saline soaks are generally no needed while the piercing is still bleeding but once it starts to go away it’s important to start with the aftercare cleaning regime.

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