How to Enlarge Pee Hole

Enlarge Pee HolePee hole (meatus) typically looks like a slit or a very narrow hole. This is actually the end of the urethra. Those who like to practice urethral stimulation often wonder how to enlarge pee hole so they can insert sounding devices and other urethral toys. Keep in mind that this is a sensitive body part and that you need to be careful when dealing with any type of urethral toy.

Do You Have to Enlarge Pee Hole?

The first thing you may wish to do if you want to practice urethral play is to enlarge pee hole. After all, pee hole looks very small and narrow. It may seem impossible to insert anything through this hole, let alone to have urethral stimulation using a toy.

Those who are more familiar with urethral toys know that these can be big, long and thick. Even smaller urethral toys such as penis plugs tend to be much thicker and larger than the pee hole. So, the main assumption is that you have to enlarge pee hole in order to insert urethral toys.

However, things are not that simple. The truth is, the pee hole is just the end of the urethra. It looks very small, particularly with women but it doesn’t necessarily mean that the passage behind it is so narrow. While urethra tends to be somewhat narrow, it is not as small as the pee hole might make you think. This is why so many people get a pleasant surprise when they try to insert a urethral toy: you may struggle at first but then the toy slips inside without much force. In fact, the toy should slip inside: you should never use force during urethral play.

Sure, this might not be easy if you are only starting out and if your urethra is not stretched. The point is that the pee hole is just the entrance. It may seem strong and narrow but it has to be like that to prevent the urine and semen from leaking. The urethra behind the pee hole is actually a bit looser and wider.

It still means that you have to train and stretch your urethra to accept larger urethral toys but the pee hole itself is rarely the main obstacle. Keep in mind that it will continue to look small and narrow until you get used to urethral stimulation and you stretch your urethra. Again, the point is to have a urethra that is wide enough to accept urethral toys; the pee hole will continue to look small and narrow for a longer time. In other words, you don’t have to enlarge pee hole so much as you need to make sure that your urethra is wide enough for the toys you want to use. Luckily, the urethra is generally wider than the pee hole itself.

How to Enlarge Pee Hole: Tips

If you really worry about how to enlarge pee hole, here are some tips:

  • You may start by using some lube. Apply it generously to the pee hole and you may even try to get some inside of the hole (to the urethra). It is easier to do that with male urethra but women can try it, too. Lube will make things smoother and more comfortable.
  • Use your finger. While fingers are not great as urethral toys, many people start by teasing their pee hole with the tip of their finger. If you choose to do this, make sure to cut your fingernails and to use plenty of lube on both the finger and the pee hole.
  • Pick urethral toys with a tapered tip. These toys start thin and have a conical head. The tip of the head makes for easier insertion regardless of the size of the toy. You may use the tip to tease the pee hole to relax and make it a bit larger.
  • Choose your toys wisely. It is best to use smooth, comfortable urethral toys. Surgical steel is a great material because it provides comfort. It is also super-smooth so it is ideal for beginners. This is also a material that is safe for the body so you don’t need to worry. However, make sure not to use ribbed urethral toys at first. Remember, the smoother the better.
  • Use urethral stretchers. These are small urethral toys ideal for stretching and training of the urethra. These are ideal for beginners and they can help you enlarge pee hole in addition to stretching your urethra.
  • Keep in mind: the pee hole is larger than it seems. It may look like a slit but it is actually much bigger than you may imagine. In other words, you might not even need to enlarge your pee hole; perhaps it is big enough to let you insert urethral toys.

Happy sounding!

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