Earlobe Piercing Types — Even the Rare Ones!


Unique Earlobe Piercings You may think that earlobe piercings are dull and ordinary, but think twice. While the standard earlobe piercing may be simple, it is far from the only way to have a pierced earlobe. In fact, some earlobe piercing types are very effective and unusual, while some are verging on the extreme.

If you wish to have a piercing on your earlobe, don’t forget you have options. Here are the earlobe placements to choose from:


This is the most popular earlobe piercing type, and the most popular piercing in general. A simple piercing done on the earlobe is so common and socially acceptable that many people do not even count it as a “real” piercing type. For most people, this is the first piercing they’ve got and often the only piercing they’ll ever have.

It is easy to understand why this piercing is so popular. Earlobe is very soft and accessible, so it’s easy to perform a piercing on this part of the ear. However, it doesn’t mean that earlobe piercing is not a real piercing in the true sense of the word: it has to be done professionally and with knowledge. While it might be tempting to get pierced at a mall, you should never do that. Go to a professional studio. Some stores offer earlobe piercing with a piercing gun, which is dangerous. You should never agree to be pierced with a gun.

Even though it’s simple, standard earlobe piercing can be very attractive since there are so many jewelry options. Many types of earrings as well as common piercing jewelry types can be used for this piercing, so you have numerous options.


The upper lobe piercing resembles the standard earlobe piercing, except for the placement. Upper lobe is done a big higher on the earlobe, where the tissue is thinner. This is an easy way to add a nice twist to a popular piercing. You’ll be surprised to see how much of a difference can placement change make for an earlobe piercing. Suddenly, it is not just a standard ear piercing but something more attractive and unusual.

There is additional advantage to the upper lobe piercing: it is one of the least painful piercings you can get. Since the tissue is very thin on this spot it is almost painless to get pierced. Many people even claim that the upper lobe piercing is even less painful than the standard lobe piercing. Considering that the standard lobe piercing is among the least painful piercings in the world, that speaks volumes.

The upper lobe piercing offers numerous jewelry choices. While many people choose for simple studs, labrets and other small jewelry pieces you can wear something more ornamented if this is what you like.


Vertical EarlobeVertical earlobe piercing adds a new twist to lobe piercings. It is all in the unique placement. With vertical lobe, the jewelry goes vertically through the earlobe, from the bottom of the earlobe to the top. This is a very unique and striking placement. Together with transverse lobe piercing, this is probably the most unique of earlobe piercing placements.

Vertical earlobe piercing goes through more tissue than standard lobe piercings so it is a bit more painful and prone to migration and rejection (the same goes for transverse lobe). However, it should not be dangerous or cause you problems as long as you choose a good and knowledgeable piercer and if you follow aftercare instructions.

Vertical earlobe piercings typically use straight barbells as jewelry, though some other options (such as larger Captive Bead Rings) are possible. This is a very attractive placement so it’s striking even if you use plain jewelry.


Transversal EarlobeTransverse lobe piercing is a unique placement and one of the most attractive lobe piercings out there. It is done horizontally through the earlobe. It is a very striking placement and it sure makes a great choice for those who wish something more than a simple and usual lobe piercing.

Since the piercing goes horizontally through the lobe it passes through more tissue than other types of earlobe piercings, including vertical lobe piercing. This makes transverse lobe a bit more complicated piercing and a bit more painful. However, none of this is extreme and it’s easy to get a good transverse lobe piercing, as long as you choose a good, reliable piercer.

Transverse lobe uses straight barbells as jewelry. However, some people choose to wear curved barbells for their transverse lobes. Since the piercing goes through a lot of tissue it is important to use a long enough barbell. Also, keep in mind that this piercing is always done at a slight angle, which also contributes to the look and the length of the jewelry needed.

Transverse lobe piercing is usually done with a barbell. The earlobe is pierced horizontally at an angle and a piece of jewelry is passed through both the perforations, which makes the piercing an immediate eye-catching one. You can choose whichever angle you want, but do keep in mind the size of your earlobe and piece of jewelry to be used. Despite the fact that lobe piercings tend to heal quickly, this one takes relatively more time for the same. It requires proper cleaning with a saline solution at least twice a day.


Graduated EarlobeGraduated earlobe piercing is actually a group of several piercings done on the earlobes. The piercings use jewelry of different sizes, starting from the largest one. Typically, the first piercing in the row is a standard earlobe piercing while the others will be upper lobe piercings. For the best effect, the piercings need to be done at the equal distance from each other.

Most people use studs and labrets with colorful balls and decorations on top to highlight these lobe piercings. Typically, the jewelry balls are of different sizes and some people even use different piercing sizes (they get pierced at different gauges) to highlight the effect. Instead of simple labrets some people choose to wear Captive Bead Rings and other jewelry types in your piercings, but it’s best to use similar jewelry styles in all of the piercings in the group to emphasize that they all belong together.


This is a special type of a stretched piercing and it’s probably the best way to make your lobe piercing truly unique. Many people choose to stretch their piercings and stretched lobes are the most popular form.

There are many ways and methods to stretch your piercing, but it’s important to go slowly. Depending on the preferences you may stretch your lobe to a very large gauge. Whatever you do, keep in mind that stretched lobe requires special jewelry types made for stretched piercings: ear plugs, flesh tunnels, spirals & claws, and more.

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