E-stim Sounding Into Bladder

E-stim Sounding Into BladderElectro stimulation (E-Stim or Electro Sex) is a very exciting activity that many people use to reach new sensations. It is particularly popular among those who practice BDSM but others can try it, too. E-stim that involves urethral toys is particularly popular, so there are many people who use Electro Sex devices to enhance their urethral play. With urethral stimulation there is always a question of how deep to go. Those who like extreme sensations often wonder about E-stim sounding into bladder. Is this possible to do and is it a good idea?

What is E-Stim Sounding Into Bladder?

It is not difficult to understand the concept of E-stim sounding into bladder. Since urethra goes all the way from the pee hole to the bladder, it also means that it is possible to insert urethral toys very deep. While most people who practice urethral stimulation do not go as far as the bladder, it is important to note that it is possible to go that deep. This is an extreme form of urethral play that brings some super intense or even painful sensations but there are many people who like this sort of stimulation.

E-Stim sounding into bladder goes one step further. This activity involves E stim toys that go all the way to the bladder. It means to insert an Electro Sex urethral toy into the pee hole and push it all the way through the urethra to the prostate and even further, into the prostate and all the way to the bladder.

In this sense, E-stim sounding into bladder might seem like using prostate toys but it goes even further. Those who like prostate massage, particularly E-stim prostate massage, might like it. On the other hand, keep in mind that it is an extreme activity that is not for everyone.

Should You Try E-Stim Into Bladder?

If bladder urethral play is rare, E-stim sounding into bladder is even rarer. It is not a much-researched activity so there is not so much to know about it. The important thing is to stay safe during all stages of urethral play and Electro Stimulation. Even those who like extreme sensations, BDSM and painful pleasures need to know the importance of safety. Even if you like pain you need to know how to keep yourself and your partner safe during any scenario that you may wish to try.

There are some people who practice E-stim into bladder and they describe the experience as positive. It is highly intense or even painful, but it goes with all forms of Electro Sex. The feeling can be way too intense for some people while others enjoy this type of sensations. E-stim sounding into bladder is ideal for those who like extreme forms of urethral play so it is important to know how to stay safe during this experience.

It is important to use a proper electro stimulator such as E-Stim power box. Make sure to use only devices that are specially made for Electro Stimulation. Also, make sure to use proper E-stim urethral penile toys, such as E-stim urethral sounds and penis plugs. This is the only way to stay safe during this activity.

Another important thing to keep in mind are warning signs. Pain, extreme discomfort, bleeding, discharge and excessive burning are all signs that something is wrong. Yes, extreme forms of urethral play can be painful, but it is important to know when to stop. If you experience excessive pain or bleeding, make sure to seek medical help immediately. This is the only way to prevent further problems. Keep in mind that engaging in extreme forms of sex require you to know a lot about safety and how to avoid getting into serious trouble. Keep this in mind if you wish to try deep E-stim urethral stimulation.

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