Dydoe Piercing Requirements

Dydoe piercing for men is a very striking choice. This piercing goes on the edges of the penis head, through the corona. However, it is important to understand that not all men are anatomically suited for it. Your penis head and its corona has to be of a specific shape so you can wear this piercing without a problem.

What Are Dydoe Piercing Requirements?

There are several Dydoe piercing requirements you need to keep in mind if you wish to get this piercing. Just like most of the other piercings, this one depends on your anatomy. You have to be anatomically suited for it, and not all people are.

Unlike many other piercings, Dydoe is the one that requires some very specific anatomical considerations. Namely, your penis head has to have a flared corona, so that piercings can attach properly on its rim. The rim of the corona, its shape and how pronounced it is, the angle it makes – it all determines whether you will be able to wear a Dydoe piercing without a problem or not.

Since Dydoe piercings are done on the rim of the corona, they go from the penis head to the underside of the penis. Most people have Dydoe piercings done on the side, one on each side of the penis. It also means that your corona has to have a flare and a noticeable rim on all sides. Since many penises are not perfectly symmetrical, this is yet another thing that might prevent you from getting multiple Dydoe piercings.

Only people with a well-defined corona that has a good flare and a defined rim can take Dydoe piercings. Keep in mind that Dydoe piercings are known to migrate and often have to be retired. This happens even with men who are anatomically suited for this piercing type, let alone those who do not have a well-defined corona. For these reasons, it is important to book a consultation with a piercer who has plenty of experience performing these piercings. Such a piercer can examine you and tell you whether you can take Dydoe piercings or not.

If done properly, Dydoe piercings can be very striking. Typical jewelry for these piercings are curved barbells. Having these barbells on both sides of your penis head can look really striking, so it’s not surprising that so many men are interested in this piercing type. However, keep in mind that all depends on your anatomy.

What if Anatomy is Not Right?

If you don’t have the right anatomy for a Dydoe piercing, it is best not to get it. A reliable, knowledgeable piercer will simply refuse to perform the procedure. It may be a let down, but it is a much better scenario than going through the pain and aftercare only to have your Dydoe piercing migrate and reject. Or worse, to have it cause injuries, infections and other problems.

If you get a Dydoe piercing without having a corona that can support it properly, many things will happen. First of all, your piercing will not look as good. Second of all, and more importantly, it will not be positioned properly, which can cause many problems. Some of those improper Dydoe piercings will be too shallow to support jewelry, causing discomfort and other problems. Migration will set in quickly, leading to additional issues. Discomfort, injuries and other trouble are common because jewelry will not be able to sit properly and your penis head will not be able to support it.

If you receive a “no” from your piercer, don’t push it. People are simply not built for all types of piercings, and that is okay. Ask for another penis piercing while you are there. Chances are that your piercer will give some ideas about great genital piercings you can anatomically support and that can bring you great pleasure.

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