Dribbling Ejaculate with Sounding

dribbling ejaculate with sounding

Ribbed Urethral Sound

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 Hi I have a sounding question. When you dilate large enough, does that lead to the ejaculate “dribbling” out of the penis more? Or does it still kind of shoot out even though the hole is a lot larger

One of the best things about urethral sounding is that it brings powerful orgasms. Many people claim that urethral toys make the orgasm into a completely new experience. This is why it’s not surprising that there are so many people who use sounds and other urethral toys for masturbation. In order to enjoy larger toys you need to stretch your urethra. This is when it becomes truly interesting. Some people wonder what happens with the cum when your pee hole is so large. Will you get dribbling ejaculate with sounding?

What is Dribbling Ejaculate with Sounding?

If you are into urethral play you probably know about dribbling ejaculate with sounding. It happens when the cum doesn’t shoot from the penis but instead dribbles. This slow flow of the cum may seem amazing or it may seem boring to the outsider. From the point of view of a person having an orgasm, both tend to be powerful. Some people say that those two feelings are different while others claim that it is “basically the same”.

Dribbling Ejaculate and an Obstacle

What you need to understand here is that dribbling ejaculate typically comes from having a urethral toy inside of your penis. It is not so much about the size of your urethra but whether there is an obstacle or not. For example, if you have a penis plug in your urethra and it fully covers your hole, the ejaculate will dribble around the toy, if you can see it at all. Sometimes, the toy prevents the cum from getting out of the penis so it goes back, all the way to the bladder. This is retrograde ejaculation. It is typically not dangerous since you expel the cum with your next urination, but it is not something you should repeat often. Also, it is not a safe thing for some men so it’s best to check with a kink-friendly doctor before you attempt it.

Many people prefer to remove their urethral toys from the penis before they cum. This can make a heightened feeling and a stronger orgasm. Also, removing the toy from the penis before the orgasm typically results in the cum shooting from the penis regardless of the size of the hole. However, this can depend on your anatomy and many other factors. Some people who use medical dilators and other urethral toys do claim that it is not possible to shoot your load that much when you use a urethral toy. The size of the hole is not the main reason for this but it can contribute to the effect.

The Size of the Pee Hole

It is important to understand that the size of the pee hole itself is not so important. The pee hole is just the entrance (or, more correctly, the exit) of the urethra. However, if you regularly use penis plugs and other urethral toys, and especially if you train your urethra to accept larger toys, your urethra will become wider. This goes both for the pee hole itself and the whole urethra. The hole will visibly be bigger and you will be able to insert thicker toys into the urethra.

How does this affect the ejaculation? The short answer is that it depends. These things depend a lot on the individual anatomy and the way someone uses urethral toys. Many men report that there is no change to the way they cum: the load shoots from the penis as before. On the other hand, there are people who claim that they cannot shoot their load in the same way as before. The cum is not exactly dribbling but it is simply not the same as before, when the pee hole and urethra were smaller. Some of these are also issues that people with penis piercings report. Similarly, some people with genital piercings do not notice much, if any, change, while others notice a significant change. It is important to remember that, change or not, your orgasms will be strong and enjoyable – probably more than ever!

Happy sounding!

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