Double Captive Curved Barbells

Double Captive Curved Barbells

Double Captive Curved Barbells

These are are internally threaded and as always, they are made from 316LVM Surgical Steel. Most commonly called a double slave curved barbell, it has been a long time requested item especially in the larger gauges, and now we have it. With this piece you can really add some new flair in place of a plain old curved barbell.

This one is hugely popular for the Navel, and the PA (prince albert) piercing, but it can be used any where you can wear a curved barbell. The Rings are also 316LVM Surgical Steel. Being captive you can just pop off one or both, anytime you like, so it is like having 3 pieces of body jewelry in one.

The gauge and size measurements that you choose are for the Curved Barbell that you want. Then we will add the appropriate rings for you depending on the gauge you choose.

16 gauge and larger are all Internally Threaded.

About Body_Jewelry:
The owner and manager of The Chain Gang, Russ was the first licensed piercer in his county in Florida in 1994. He founded The Chain Gang all the way back in 1992. He was one of the first people in this business to understand the value and importance of Internet so the website soon followed. Russ is dedicated to the art of body piercing and the best quality body jewelry. As a licensed body piercer, Russ understands customers' needs and demands when it comes to high-quality, durable and stunning body jewelry. Russ says: "With body jewelry, quality is everything. The Chain Gang uses only the finest materials available. Safety and functionality are vital for all body jewelry so this is the standard I intend to keep for all the products offered by The Chain Gang. Of course, aesthetic is also important so I always take special care on choosing only the most stunning and functional body jewelry. The Chain Gang is dedicated to providing the best service to our customers and I am always ready to listen to all the comments, questions and requests and help people in their search for the perfect body jewelry they will enjoy".

5 thoughts on “Double Captive Curved Barbells

  1. I am HIGHLY allergic to all metals (I just had titanium hardware removed from foot surgery due to massive systemic reaction) could this double captive curved barbell be made in some other NON-METAL?


  2. It really posses it’s own beauty and appeal. One who would wear it will really feel amazing with it’s charm. It has a subtle bling in it.

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