Does It Hurt Going Into Your Penis?

does it hurt inserting into your penis

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Does it hurt going into your penis and when it comes to take it out?

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One of the first question new users ask about urethral play is whether it hurts or not. Inserting toys into the penis seems so strange and painful so it is not surprising that many beginners are scared. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be like this. Does it hurt going into your penis? The simple answer is that it doesn’t have to hurt but there are some precautions you need to take.

Does it Hurt Going Into Your Penis?

Does it hurt going into your penis? It is important to understand that urethral play is a somewhat extreme sexual activity. It means that it brings certain risks, such as injuries and other problems. Pain is another common problem that may arise during urethral sounding. However, it is also important to know that urethral play doesn’t have to be painful. In fact, there are many people enjoying it without any pain or discomfort.

In order to make your urethral stimulation as pain-free as possible, it is important to be careful. The pain mainly comes from inserting toys that are too big for your urethra. Another source of the pain, a more serious one, is injury. In order to prevent this from happening it is important to know what you are doing.

Beginner users are therefore advised to start slowly and gently. Begin with shorter, smaller urethral toys and build your way up from there. Use plenty of sterile lube to make the experience smoother and without much discomfort. Never force a toy inside of the penis: if it doesn’t want to go in, stop and try later.

Most of the problems associated with pain can be solved by simply using appropriate urethral toys. It is really that simple. In order to minimize the risk of pain and discomfort, make sure to use only proper urethral toys that are not too thick. Ideally, a toy should be of the same thickness as your urethra. While beginners have a narrow urethra, most of them are able to insert the smallest urethral toys without a problem.

As a beginner at urethral sounding, it is important to go slowly and carefully. Never rush things out: if it doesn’t want to go in, simply try it at a later time. Keep in mind that small percentage of people might not be able to insert urethral toys but most people are able to enjoy this activity without pain. Just make sure to do everything you can to stay safe during urethral stimulation.

 Does It Hurt to Take the Toy Out?

Another thing you may want to know about urethral play is what happens when you are done with sounding. Does it hurt going into your penis and taking the toy out? Just like inserting a toy doesn’t have to be painful, taking it out doesn’t have to hurt either. However, it is important to take precautions and to make sure that it is safe to take the toy out.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that not all toys can be safely removed while you are erect. If you use urethral sounds with a curve, such as Van Buren sounds, they are difficult to take out while you are hard. For these toys, it is best to wait until you are flaccid again. This will prevent pain and injuries while taking the toy out.

Straight toys, such as most penis plugs, are generally safe to take out even when you are hard. However, it is important to be careful. Many people like to quickly take the toy out at the moment of orgasm so they can ejaculate without the toy inside. This can make for a very powerful orgasm but make sure to practice first. Taking a toy quickly, even a straight one, can cause some discomfort to beginner users. This is why it is important to know what you are doing. Since most people are focused at pleasure alone during orgasm it is best to practice first until you are sure you know how to remove the toy without causing pain and discomfort.

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