Do You Twist a Piercing?

Twist PiercingOne of the most common rookie mistakes when it comes to body piercings is twisting the jewelry. It is usually not the person’s fault: this used to be an advice by ill-informed people at mall kiosks and similar places. Proper piercing studios do not recommend you to twist a piercing during the healing time. This can be very dangerous so it is best to leave a piercing alone. Why is so dangerous to twist a piercing.

Should You Ever Twist a Piercing?

If piercing twisting ever a good idea? First of all, it is not really possible to twist a piercing. Rather, people twist their jewelry to prevent it from sticking to the piercing hole in healing. This may seem like a logical idea, but it is actually dangerous.

Your new piercing in healing needs all the care to heal properly. Twisting and turning the jewelry is hurting the new fistula and is setting your healing progress back. This can also be dangerous and inviting of infections and other problems. Twisting your jewelry is never a good way of preventing the jewelry to stick to the piercing hole. In fact, this practice is best to be avoided at all costs.

Piercers recommend to leave your piercing alone at all times, except when you clean it. This is the only time when you should touch your piercing, and even at this time, make sure to do as little touching as possible. Simply clean your new piercing with a saline solution to remove any accumulated dirt and other things around the piercing hole. Doing this regime two to three times a day is typically the only thing you should attempt. Do not twist the jewelry – this can only make the matters worse.

But It Will Get Stuck!

One of the main arguments by proponents of twisting is that it prevents the jewelry from being stuck inside of the piercing hole. It is true that sometimes, the jewelry inside of a new piercing seems to get stuck so people think it means that the hole is closing around the jewelry. Twisting, it seems, remedies this problem.

However, this is a misconception. The hole is not really closing; rather, the sticky feeling mainly comes from the accumulated dirt and drainage from the new piercing itself. If you don’t clean if properly, it will get hard and it will stick on the jewelry and the piercing hole. If this happens, it may be very difficult to move your jewelry out of the piercing hole. It can also cause infections and other problems.

This is why proper cleaning is so important. It removes all this dirt and drainage from around the piercing hole. Your new piercing in healing can breathe and heal properly. By regular cleaning, you are making the jewelry sit comfortably inside of the piercing. By removing all these things from the piercing hole, you are preventing the jewelry from being stuck. This also eliminates any need for twisting.

In other words, rather than to twist a piercing, you should pay attention to proper cleaning. This aftercare regime will prevent the piercing from getting stuck inside of the piercing hole without the need for dangerous twisting of the jewelry.

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