Do You Have an Apadravya Obsession?

do you have an Apadravya obsessionOut all of penis piercings, Apadravya seems to attract a special kind of attention. While this piercing is not as popular as Prince Albert (PA) piercing, it is sure one of the most famous genital piercings in the world. The reason is simple: Apadravya can bring so much pleasure for the wearer’s partner. What is interesting to note is that some people even develop a bit of an “Apadravya obsession”.

What is Apadravya Obsession?

Apadravya obsession is not an “official” thing; rather, this is a common reaction to Apadravya piercing. Some people like the feeling of Apadravya so much that they seek only partners with this piercing. Others even go as far as trying to persuade their current partner to get an Apadravya piercing if they don’t already have it.

This “Apadravya obsession” can happen to the wearers, too. These people get so much pleasure out of their Apadravya that they constantly seek to improve it and make it even better. This often results in stretching of the piercing or adding heavy jewelry that further brings pleasure to the wearer and his partners.

Is This a Real Thing?

Is this a serious thing? It is important to note that fascination with Apadravya piercing is not really a bad thing; it is mostly a reaction to the amazing effects that this piercing can bring. In this sense, “obsession” can be too strong of a word. People simply love the feelings that Apadravya can give: they love the feeling of it during penetration and are not ashamed of making their preference known.

All of this is easy to understand: Apadravya is one of the most pleasurable piercings someone can get. Yes, it is more extreme than a simple navel piercing or even Prince Albert piercing but the extra pain if worth it. While there are people who are not completely satisfied with their Apadravya piercing, most wearers and their partners just adore this piercing.

Is Apadravya Obsession Bad?

On the other hand, there could be a bit of a dark side to an Apadravya obsession. For example, if you try to persuade your partner to get an  Apadravya. Or if you refuse a partner just because they don’t have an Apadravya.

For the wearers, it can mean stretching over and over again. Another problem might be constantly changing jewelry, never to be fully happy with it.

It can also get to the point of not being able to achieve sexual pleasure in any other way. For example, some people might get so addicted to the feeling of Apadravya during penetration that they are unable to achieve orgasm during any other type of sexual activity.

All of these can bring trouble. You should never push your partner into doing something they don’t want to do. Not even if it brings immense pleasure to you. This is probably the worst thing that can happen for someone who has a specific fetish for a piercing. Those who have an Apadravya and can’t seem to stop stretching it or changing jewelry, well, it all depends on your style but it is important to know your limit.

Finally, those who cannot orgasm or feel pleasure in any other way except with an Apadravya should try abstain for a while. Experiment with different types of pleasures and sexual activities. While it is not wrong to enjoy Apadravya to the fullest, it is not the best thing to be so hooked on only one type of sensation and activity. Add a bit of a variety so sex with Apadravya will feel fresh and intense every time.

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