Do You Have a Urethral Toy Preference?

Have a Urethral Toy PreferenceThere are many different urethral toys you can try for pleasure. With urethral play getting more and more popular, there are more elaborate forms of toys you can use. The most popular ones are urethral sounds but many people also use penis plugs, urethral wands, cum stoppers, and more. Some people use different types of toys equally, while others stick to only one type of a toy. In fact, there are many people who have a urethral toy preference. What does it mean, exactly?

What it Means to Have a Urethral Toy Preference?

What it means to have a urethral toy preference? People with a strong preference for a specific type of urethral toys tend to use only toys of that type for urethral play. For example, there are many of those who like urethral sounds only. These people like to use sounds for all of their urethral stimulation activities. These people rarely, if never, use other types of urethral toys such as penis plugs or wands.

Some people go as far as preferring only one type of a sound over all the others. For example, there are those who only use Hegar sounds or Van Buren sounds. These are typically people who know exactly what kind of sensations they can expect from urethral play. These people want to have those exact sensations each time they masturbate or have sex with a partner. This is why it is so important for them to stick to their favorite type of urethral sound.

Other people prefer penis plugs. While these are not as common as those who prefer urethral sounds, it is important to note that there are many people who are like this. Since penis plugs are very varied, these people can use many different models to satisfy themselves. Also, just like with urethral sounds, there are some people who only use a certain type of a penis plug for urethral play.

To have a urethral toy preference is a highly individual thing. It depends a lot on your preferences, needs and the way you approach urethral play. There are many people who have their favorite type of urethral toy so if this is you, remember that you are not alone.

Is it Bad to Have a Preference for Urethral Toys?

No, it is generally not bad to have a urethral toy preference. It means knowing what you want and how to get it. Many people have very specific expectations from urethral play and other sexual activities. It is understandable that those people want a reliable type of a toy that can provide them with those sensations.

On the other hand, it is perfectly okay not to have a urethral toy preference. There are many people who like to try different types of urethral toys or to combine those toys for different kinds of sensations.

In fact, this is perhaps the only thing you are missing if you have a strong preference for a specific type of a urethral toy. With one type of a toy, you cannot get many different sensations. This is okay if you always want to get the same sensation but sometimes, it feels good to try something new. Using different urethral toys can help you experience different kinds of sensations. Some of those might become your new favorite so it is a good thing to try something new once in a while.

Do you have a urethral toy preference?

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