Do Women Get Pleasure Putting Things in the Urethra?

Do Women Get Pleasure Putting Things in the UrethraUrethral stimulation is a very exciting activity that many men enjoy. There are numerous men who love to insert toys into their penis, or who like to have their partner do that for them. Inserting toys deep into the penis can be very exciting and powerful. However, penis is not the only body part that can benefit from urethral stimulation. What about ladies? Do women get pleasure putting this in the urethra?

How Women Get Pleasure Putting Things in the Urethra

Do women get pleasure putting things in the urethra? It is important to understand that urethra is highly sensitive, and it can produce pleasurable sensations in people regardless of gender. When you put a metal toy inside of the penis, you are basically caressing and stimulating your dick from the inside.

However, ladies can enjoy these sensations, too. The urethra with ladies is located very near the clitoris and the vagina. By inserting toys into the urethra, ladies are actually massaging and stimulating all of this very sensitive area. It can produce extremely pleasurable sensations, as long as you know how to use urethral toys.

Women get pleasure putting things in the urethra by massaging the urethra itself, which can bring very specific sensations that many women love. However, for many women, it is a deep stimulation of the surrounding tissue: clitoris and the vagina, that brings most pleasure. Ultimately, it depends on the woman and her body. Some women will prefer one type of sensation than the others. There are also women who may not enjoy urethral play at all, and that is okay. However, it is important to know that this type of sexual activity is not just for guys and not just for penises to enjoy!

If You Want to Put Things in the Urethra

Many women get pleasure putting things in the urethra, and you can be one of them. However, it is extremely important to be careful. Keep in mind that urethra is sensitive and, strictly speaking, not made for things to be inserted into it. It means that you need to go slowly and absolutely use only specific objects that are made for urethral use.

There are special urethral toys specially designed to be inserted into the urethra. These toys are designed to be safe and to protect you during urethral stimulation. It is crucial to use only these specific toys for urethral sounding. Inserting anything else into the urethra can cause pain, infections and numerous other problems.

In order to stay safe, use a proper urethral toy. Forget about any random household objects. Even regular urethral toys, such as dildos and vibrators, will not do in this case. There are many high-quality yet affordable urethral toys you can use, so do get one of them.

Also, keep in mind that many urethral toys are designed to be inserted deep into the penis. It means that they are much longer than what a woman needs. You can use these long toys, but make sure to insert them only partially. It is important to go slowly, use plenty of sterile lube, and listen to your body. Urethral sounding is a skill that you need to use, but it can bring many powerful sensations. So, be patient and results will come.

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