Do Surface Piercings Last Forever?

Corset PiercingSurface piercings are amazing in so many ways. Perhaps the best thing about them is that you can get them almost anywhere. You don’t have to restrict yourself to the usual body parts such as ears, navel or lip. You can get surface piercings on your back, your arms, your chest or almost anywhere else. They also look stunning, too! However, it is important to understand that surface piercings are not like “regular” piercings. One of the most common questions people ask is: “do surface piercings last forever?” This is, indeed, a very important question and you need to think about it.

Can a Piercing Last Forever?

Before you learn whether surface piercings last forever or not, let us consider what “forever” means in the context of piercings. It is not really possible to find a piercing that lasts “forever” – this is not something that any credible piercer would claim.

Instead, there are the so-called “permanent” piercings: piercings that last for a long time. In some cases, this long time can be years, even decades. For many people, this is understood as permanent and as a piercing that lasts forever.

However, keep in mind that there is no such a thing as a piercing that can actually last forever. All we can talk about is more or less permanent versus temporary piercings. Permanent piercings are there to last for years; temporary piercings last for a short time. Sometimes, they last only for a couple of hours before they are removed. Others can last for more but typically not as long as permanent piercings. This is an important distinction to make so you know what to expect from your piercing.

Do Surface Piercings Last Forever or Not?

Now that you understand that the longevity of piercings depends on numerous factors, let us go back to surface piercings. Do surface piercings last forever? Or at least as long as the “regular” piercings?

The short answer to this question is: “no”. Unfortunately, surface piercings do not last forever. They typically last shorter than the regular piercings. The reasons is simple: they are more prone to problems such as migration and rejection.

Keep in mind that there is a good reason why some body parts are popular as piercings spots while others are not. Areas such as earlobe, navel or tongue can accommodate piercings in a way that protect the piercing from problems. It means that the piercing will probably not move, get rejected or cause another issue. This comes precisely from the type of tissue and area that holds the piecing.

“Regular” (non-surface) piercings go through at least two different planes so the skin and tissue can hold the piercings better. For example, a piercing can go from left to right or top to bottom to exit at a different tissue plane than the enter hole. This is important for piercing’s longevity.

Surface piercings, on the other hand, go through only one plane. Both the enter and exit hole are on the same tissue plane, on the skin surface. This makes these piercings much less stable and much more prone to problems. It is one of the main reasons why surface piercings don’t last as long as the regular piercings.

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