Do Gay Men Pierce Their Penis

Penis piercings are widely popular among many groups of people. You cannot tell who might be into penis piercings just by looking at them or just by knowing their sexual orientation. In many ways, genital piercings are tied to sex and sexual pleasure but they are not specific to sexual orientation. Do gay men pierce their penis? The answer is yes, they do. However, like most things, it depends on the man in question.

Do Gay Men Pierce Their Penis: Overview

Do Gay Men Pierce Their PenisJust like any other thing, this largely depends on the man himself. However, penis piercings and other male genital piercings are very popular among many men, including gay men. These piercings are not only attractive but can also enhance sexual pleasure.

There are many piercings that simply look beautiful. On the other hand, there are also piercings that can fulfill and additional function and bring something extra to the wearer. These piercings are so-called “functional piercings”. The most popular type of functional piercings are those that enhance sexual pleasure. Many penis piercings are also functional piercings, which explains their great popularity. One huge advantage to these piercings is that they can enhance the pleasure to not just the wearer but also his partners.

This is the main answer on the question “do gay men pierce their penis”. Those who do mainly do it to make sex more pleasurable for themselves and their partners.

Do You Want a Penis Piercing?

If the idea of genital piercings appeals to you, it is important to find a good piercer. Keep in mind that these are highly special piercings on sensitive body parts so you need a professional with extensive experience with these types of piercings. Luckily, there are many great piercers who specialize in genital piercings.

The next thing you need to think about is the type of the penis piercing you want to get. Keep in mind that some piercings are more functional (as in, more pleasurable) than the others. Many gay men enjoy Prince Albert piercing and Ampallang Piercing but this depends on the individual.

If you want to get a penis piercing it is best to consult your piercer. Book a consultation and go through all the questions you may have. You may also ask about enhancing pleasure and which penis piercing might work the best for the purpose.

Partner with a Penis Piercing

If you are a gay man considering a sexual relationship with someone who has a penis piercing, it is useful to have at least some idea about these piercings. The best way to go is to talk to your partner and share your concerns and excitements. If you’ve never had sex with someone who had a penis piercing you might have your questions and concerns. Most people turn out to love what their partner penis piercing can do.

Ultimately, however, it all depends on the person. There are some people who don’t enjoy having sex with someone who has a penis piercing. If it turns out to be you, it’s best to communicate this clearly to your partner.

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