Different Types of Multiple Nose Piercings

Multiple Nose PiercingsNose is a relatively small area so it seems that it is not possible to have multiple nose piercings. However, nothing can be further from the truth. It is actually possible to have more than one nose piercing, and more than one type of a piercing on your nose. Those who prefer different piercings and want to try striking facial piercings will sure love to know that there are so many ways to pierce your nose.

Multiple Nose Piercings: The Types

There are actually many different types of nose piercings you can try. Keep in mind that nose piercings are not necessarily just nostril piercings- there are other areas of your nose that you can pierce, such as your septum or nose bridge.

However, even if you are only here for nostril piercings, no problem! There are many ways to get multiple nostril piercings. For example, you can get one on the each nostril. Or you can get one regular and one high nostril piercing. The second one will simply sit a bit higher than the first one. Following this rule, it is possible to get more than two nostril piercings on the each nostril. Just make sure to consult your piercer and to ask about the best placements for your piercings. Some people have nostrils that are too small for this but most people can accommodate multiple nostril piercings without a problem.

Also, keep in mind that nostril is not your only option. Even if you are looking for cute and discreet nose piercings, it is still possible to get multiple ones. For example, septum piercings are getting more and more popular so they are not a rarity anymore. Also, keep in mind that it is possible to get multiple nose piercings of different kinds. For example, you may wish to combine a cute nostril piercing with a bolder septum piercing for a more striking look.

Finally, if you are into more complex and bigger piercings, you can go for a Bridge (Earl) piercing or even a Nasallang. Nasallang is actually a combination of three different piercings: right nostril, septum and left nostril piercings. This way, you basically get three nose piercings in one. As you can see, there are many different ways to get multiple nose piercings.

Multiple Nose Piercings: Tips

Here are some useful tips for those who wish to get multiple nose piercings:

  • Choose carefully. While there are many different nose piercing types you can use, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they all work for you. This is why you should think carefully about the exact piercings you want to get.
  • Consult your piercer. It is always important to consult your piercer before making any decisions. Your piercer can tell you if you can accommodate multiple nose piercings and what are the best placements for these.
  • Think of your style. Do you prefer small and discreet piercings? Or bold and huge? The difference in style will likely dictate your choice of nose piercings.
  • Go one by one. While it is not mandatory, particularly for simple nostril piercings, it may be for the best to get your piercings one by one. This will guarantee better healing and it will give you more time to decide where you want your next nose piercing to be. The one exception to this rule is group piercings, when you want to get multiple nose piercings arranged in a special way. Even then, discuss with your piercer a possibility to get your nose piercings one at a time.
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