What Different Parts of Penis to Pierce?

Different Parts of Penis to PiercePenis piercings and genital piercings in general are often a mystery to many people. Even those who otherwise enjoy piercings might have some confusion over male and female genital piercings. This is understandable: after all, intimate piercings are not something that many people talk about openly. However, there is no reason to stay that way. Genital piercings are more common than some people think. In order to be informed and to understand these body modifications it is important to learn more about these piercing types. For example, many people wonder about different parts of penis to pierce. In other words: where is possible to make a piercing on the penis.

Different Parts of Penis to Pierce

What are all the different parts of penis to pierce? In short, almost all of them! You may be surprised to learn that almost all parts of male genitalia can receive a piercing. In other words, you can put a piercing almost anywhere on the penis or the rest of male genitalia.

However, certain spots are much better than the others and for various reasons. The first reason is the ability to keep the piercing. A spot on the penis needs to be receptive of the piercing and you should be able to keep a piercing on such a spot. Not all parts of the penis can equally protect and keep the piercing but the good news is that many spots can. This gives you a wide variety of possibilities when it comes to penis piercings.

The other important factor is stimulation. Keep in mind that many penis piercings are more than just an ornament: they are functional piercings that enhance sexual pleasure. The jewelry nicely rubs against sensual spots and causes arousal. Also, many penis piercings can also be highly pleasurable to both the wearer and his partners, so they can work toward an amazing sexual experience. For this reason, the choice of spot often depends on how effective a piercing will be in terms of arousal.

If you take all of these factors into account you discover many different parts of penis to pierce. The most important and popular of them are:

Penis Head

Penis head (glans of the penis) is the most sensitive part of the penis. It is therefore not surprising that most penis piercings are done here. A nice piercing on the glans can works great for both the wearer and his partners, so it is a gift that keeps on giving.

The most popular piercings on the penis head include Prince Albert (PA), Reverse Prince Albert (Reverse PA), Apadravya and Ampallang.

Penis Shaft

Another popular spot to pierce is the penis shaft. These piercings are not as arousing as those on the penis head but can be very stimulating and arousing. Keep in mind that almost any part of the shaft is good for a piercing but most piercings are done on the back of the penis. These are the popular Frenum piercings that can start right under the penis head and go down the underside of the penis (along the shaft). Keep in mind that Frenum piercings are surface piercings and they don’t go through the entire tissue of the shaft.

On the other hand, there are piercings that go through the shaft, but these are rarer. Shaft Apadravya (vertical shaft piercing) and shaft Ampallang (horizontal shaft piercing) go through the whole shaft. However, keep in mind that these piercings are extreme and can be very dangerous. If you want to have a vertical or a horizontal piercing in the penis, it is best to opt for a regular Apadravya or Ampallang. 

Base of the Penis

The base of the penis is a popular spot for surface piercings, particularly Lorum. It is a very low placement of the Frenum piercing and it goes near the base of the penis. It is similar to Frenum in almost every aspect and the only difference is that it goes close to the base of the penis. Both of these piercings are surface ones and don’t go thought the whole shaft.

The Rest of Genitalia

While not strictly penis piercings, there are many popular male genital piercings that go on various spots on the genitalia. The most popular areas to pierce are testicles and perineum. A popular surface piercing on testicles is Hafada. It doesn’t go deep into tissue and is similar to Frenum and Lorum, only on testicles.

A popular perineum piercing is typically done near the anus. This is a Guiche piercing and can be very arousing, particularly for those men who have a sensitive perineum and want to stimulate it for new sensations.

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