Dick in Urethra: Is it Possible?

Dick in Urethra: Is it Possible?Many people interested in urethral stimulation wonder about the possibility of urethral intercourse. In other words, is it possible to put a dick in urethra? Is it safe? There are many different things people like to do when it comes to urethral play so if you are intrigued by this, keep in mind that it is an extremely risky activity.

Dick in Urethra

Inserting a penis into the urethra of your partner is something that people in certain kink and fetish communities like to consider. “Dick in urethra” is also known as urethral intercourse. It means inserting a penis inside the other person’s urethra. The receiving partner can be a man or a woman, so it means inserting the penis into the female urethra or in another penis.

For many people, such a thing sounds like science fiction. In reality, urethral intercourse and urethral penetration do happen. However, keep in mind that this is an extremely risky activity. This is an extreme form of sexual penetration and something that most people should not attempt.

This activity is reserved for members of niche communities. These extreme kink and fetish communities consist of people who are really into urethral penetration and who work hard on achieving something like this. Most of these people are into extreme forms of BDSM. This is not something you should attempt “just because”.

Those who practice urethral penetration need to work hard at training their bodies. It takes a lot of time, sometimes even years, to achieve this. This often leads to injuries, urinary tract infections, bleeding and other problems. It is something that is possible to achieve but only under strict guidelines and safety concern. This is not something you should try out of the blue.

Objects in Urethra

Those who are interested in urethral play and those who would like to tease their urethra should opt for urethral toys instead. This is a lighter form of urethral play because it doesn’t include actual penis in urethra intercourse. Urethral toys that are used in this type of stimulation are smaller and thinner than a penis. Sometimes, people use very thick and large toys but it is reserved only for those with plenty of experience and those who like extreme sensations.

Others may try penis plugs, urethral sounds and other urethral toys. Keep in mind that urethral stimulation with toys is still a somewhat risky activity so you need to be very careful. It is crucial to follow safety guidelines and to go carefully. This is still considered an extreme sexual activity.

However, it is still less extreme than dick in urethra intercourse. If you want to see what urethral stimulation feels like, try urethral toys. This is a great way to see if this type of stimulation is the right for you. Also, those interested in extreme forms of play, such as urethral intercourse, should also use urethral toys to slowly stretch their urethra and train their body. Remember, whatever you do, you need to be careful and make sure you stay safe. This is particularly true for extreme forms of sexual activities.

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