What Diameter are Urethral Sounds?

One of the most important things in urethral sounding and other types of urethral play is to choose toys of appropriate sizes. Any urethral toy you use needs to fit your urethra in order to avoid injuries and other problems. This is why many people wonder what diameter are urethral sounds that they can buy and what diameter of a sound they need to use.

Urethral Sound Sizing

What Diameter are Urethral SoundsThere are many reasons why you need to buy urethral sounds of appropriate sizes. Your urethra is of a certain size (width) and can accept only urethral toys that are about the same diameter as the diameter of your urethra. Using toys that are too thick or too thin can be very dangerous. This is why you need to be very careful when it comes to the sizes of urethral toys to use.

Ideally, your chosen urethral toy should be of the same size as your urethra. Perhaps a bit thicker, but not much. You can solve the problem of this thickness by using plenty of lube. However, never go more than, say, 1mm thicker than your urethra. Even this can be too much for some people.

When choosing the best size of a urethral toy to buy you need to see what diameter are urethral sounds you are interested in. Keep in mind that the sizes given may be in many different measurements, so this is something to pay attention to. Generally speaking, urethral sounds and other urethral toy diameters are in millimeters, though sometimes they go in inches or in French scale. French gauge scale is a measuring scale for catheters but it is also common for urethral sounds and other urethral toys so this is important to keep in mind. It is also useful to have a handy converter scale ready so you can always convert measuring units into the ones you are familiar with.

What Diameter are Urethral Sounds to Buy?

There are many high-quality urethral sounds and other types of urethral toys. As noted above, it is very important to choose the appropriate thickness (diameter) that will fit your urethra perfectly. What diameter are urethral sounds to buy?

The first thing you need to know is that the sizes of urethral sounds vary from manufacturer to manufacturer or even from one urethral sounding kit to another. This is why it’s so important to check the sizes of the sounds you wish to buy.

Here are some of the sizes of the urethral sounding kits that we offer:

  • Hegar sounds: The smallest sound in the kit is 3mm and the largest one is 18mm.
  • Rosebud sounds: The smallest sound in the 6 piece kit is 4.5mm and the largest one is 9.5mm. The 12 piece set has the smallest sound at 2mm and the largest one 13mm. There is always a 1mm increment between sounds.
  • Pratt 11 sounds: The smallest sound in the kit is 4mm and the biggest one is 13 mm.
  • Van Buren sounds: The smallest sound in the kit is 2mm and the biggest one is 8mm.

In Conclusion

Keep in mind that these are just some of the sizes we offer and just some of the sounding kits you can buy. Whenever you choose to purchase a sounding kit or an individual urethral toy make sure to ask about the size, either in millimeters, inches or French scale. It is vital to know the size of your urethral sound so you can choose the best urethral toys for yourself.

You need to know what sizes of urethral toys are good for you so you know what diameter are urethral sounds you wish to buy. Never go randomly: keep in mind that urethral stimulation can bring risks to you need to do everything you can to be safe during urethral play.

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