How Deep to Insert Urethral Toys?

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How far can you push the end of the rod into your penis and safety get it back out? 

How Deep to Insert Urethral ToysThere are many different types of urethral toys and many different sensations you can achieve with them. These toys are popular among users of different experience, from beginners to seasoned users.

Since there are so many different types of urethral toys it is important to understand how to use them. The depth of insertion is one of the most common things people wonder about. How deep to insert urethral toys so you can get them back out?

How Deep to Insert Urethral Toys Safely?

Safety is very important with all aspects of urethral play since this is a sexual activity that brings numerous risks you need to know how to avoid. It is understandable to know how deep to insert urethral toys. How deep is too deep? Is it safe to insert these toys all the way down inside your urethra?

One thing you need to understand is that the male urethra is longer than it looks. The part inside of the penis is just the end portion of the urethra. The urethra goes much deeper, inside the body and past the base of the penis. There, it goes through the prostate and all the way into the bladder.

Male urethra is very long. It can accept surprisingly long urethral toys. In fact, it is possible to go deeper than it may seem possible. This is all due to the fact the urethra is a very long passage and this is why there are so many long urethral toys.

You probably know about the very long urethral sounds, penis plugs and urethral wands. Some of them are longer than 8, 9 or even 10 inches. This means that they can go very deep. While it is always good to use part of the toy as a handle many of these toys can go full length inside.

Many of these toys can reach deeper than the base of the penis and can go to the prostate or even bladder. This is called deep urethral stimulation. Those who want to go past prostate and into the bladder are dealing with extreme urethral play, which brings unique challenges but it is possible to achieve in certain circumstances. 

How to Get the Toy Out?

Since urethral toys can go very deep one might wonder if it’s possible for them to get lost inside the urethra. After all, a toy can easily slip inside and if you go very deep it might go all the way down. It is not uncommon to lose a grip of the toy so it disappears into the urethra.

Is this dangerous? As strange as it may seem, this is usually not a reason for panic. Even if the toy disappears completely inside the penis it is typically easy to “fish it out” by simply feeling it inside of the body. Just grab the base of your penis and feel the toy. From here, start gently pushing it to the front of your penis until it gets out through the pee hole.

This is not a fun accident but typically doesn’t cause more problems. Now, some people wonder how deep to insert urethral toys to be able to fish them out. Or, in other words: it is possible to go so deep that it is impossible to take the toy out?

In all but the rarest circumstances, it is impossible for a toy to just disappear and to be unable to fish it out. This goes even for those who practice deep urethral play to the prostate or even bladder. Urethra is made for expelling things so it wants to push the toy out.

However, it is important to always be careful and use toys that are long enough for deep urethral play. Do not try to push a short toy too deep inside because you may encounter a problem. If you find any difficulties getting a urethral toy out of the penis or if it stays inside for too long make sure to consult your doctor immediately.

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  1. I Inserted, without any negative effects, an 8-mm diameter straight vibrating catheter about 20 cm up my urethra such that I could feel it with my fingers at the perineum.

  2. I was able to insert a silicone sound about 26 cm before experiencing any discomfort at all. Silicone still produces plenty of pleasant gentle friction.

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