How Deep Can We Insert Things in Pee Hole?

How Deep Can We Insert Things in Pee HoleThose who want to have fun with urethral play often wonder how deep can we insert things in pee hole. After all, the urethra has a limited length and some toys are very long. Those who want to practice deep urethral play also wish to know how deep is too deep and how to enjoy this whole process. Keep in mind that all people who want to practice urethral stimulation need to know how deep can we insert things in pee hole. Even if you don’t want to try deep urethral stimulation it is still important to think about these questions.

How Deep Can We Insert Things in Pee Hole: The Answer

Since it is so important to know how deep can we insert things in pee hole, it is useful to remember the anatomy. Pee hole is actually the ending of the urethral canal. This is where you pass the urine. Male urethra also serves a second important function, that is, to pass semen. While a pee hole can look like a beginning of the urethra from our point of view, it is important to remember that it’s actually the ending. The urethra starts at the bladder.

For men, urethra goes from bladder through the prostate and then inside base of the penis and finally through the penis shaft all the way to the pee hole. For women, the urethra is more straightforward and goes from the bladder to the urethral opening (pee hole).

When inserting urethral sounds or other types of urethral toys, you actually work backwards. You start at the end of the urethra (pee hole) and work your way deeper, to the beginning of the urethra. Different parts of the urethra provide different sensations and some people like to go very deep. So, how deep can we insert things in pee hole? The answer is: to the bladder, because this is where the urethra ends. However, just because it is possible to do this doesn’t mean that it is a wise decision for everyone.

Deep Urethral Play

There are many people who like to go deep. For them, deep urethral play is the only form of urethral stimulation they like to achieve. Many people love the intense feelings sounds and other toys can bring by rubbing against the urethral walls. Not to mention the irresistible feeling of being filled up and stimulating the penis from the inside. There are also many people who like direct prostate stimulation that deep urethral play can bring.

However, going too deep is an extreme form of urethral play. As such, it can bring too intense sensations and numerous risks. This is definitely not an activity for everyone. Keep in mind that the deeper you go, the more intense and dangerous it becomes. While there are some people who enjoy extreme and painful pleasures, these are not good for everyone.

The thing is, while it is technically possible to insert your masturbation toys and other urethral devices all the way to the bladder, it might not be the smartest thing to do. Going into the bladder is an extreme form of urethral play and it can bring pain, burning, discomfort and many other problems. The feeling itself is way too intense for many people. You should go for it gradually and only after a lot of experience. Even then, not many people decide to do it.

Keep in mind: just because you enjoy regular urethral play or even prostate massage, doesn’t mean that you will enjoy going way too deep. While there are some people who like to go into the bladder, it is not something you should attempt casually. It requires a lot of dedication, patience and skills. Also, you need to be into this sort of intensity before you try it. In other words, just because it is possible to go that deep, doesn’t mean that this is a good idea for everybody.

Of course, there are people who enjoy this sort of extreme urethral play. You might be one of those people so power to you! If that is, indeed, what you like, go for it. Just make sure to stay safe to enjoy this extreme form of urethral stimulation. Other people might prefer not to go all the way up to the urethra. Just because it is possible to go very deep doesn’t mean that it is a good thing for everyone.

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