How to Deal With Fourchette Piercing Problem?

~ Tiffany 

I’m concerned with my fourchette piercing. I don’t believe it was done properly. It seems as though it was placed towards the side rather than centered. Looks more like the way a eyebrow is pierced?

Fourchette Piercing ProblemFourchette is a very beautiful piercing that can add some enhancement. It is not surprising that many women choose this genital piercing. It not only looks great but can also add to sexual pleasure due to its position on the perineum and edges of the vagina. Since Fourchette is there to please, it is important to position it correctly. Improper placement is a common Fourchette piercing problem that many clients face.

Improper Placement: A Common Fourchette Piercing Problem

In order to be able to enjoy a piercing to the fullest, it has to have a proper placement. Improper placement can lead to numerous issues, such as discomfort or injuries. In the case of functional piercings, such as Fourchette, improper placement can take away from pleasure you should experience with this piercing.

While there are many women who have a great Fourchette piercing, it is important to say that improper placement is a common Fourchette piercing problem. It mainly happens due to piercer’s error. Keep in mind that genital piercings are special piercings so the person performing them has to have a lot of experience and knowledge. Simply being a good piercer for regular piercings is not enough. In order to perform good Fourchette piercings, the piercer needs to know a lot about this specific piercing. Knowing how to choose and perform the correct placement is one of the things a reliable piercer needs to provide.

In case your Fourchette piercing has an incorrect placement, you may encounter several downsides. First of all, your piercing might be uncomfortable even after the initial healing stage has passed. Such a piercing might snag on underwear or get caught in uncomfortable ways.

Another problem you may encounter if your Fourchette doesn’t have a proper placement is that it’s not pleasurable. Keep in mind that Fourthette piercings often provide pleasurable sensations to the wearers. This piercing is done on the perineum and on the edge of the vagina, which is a very sensitive area. However, keep in mind that there is no guarantee that you will feel enhanced pleasure. There are women who don’t find Fourchette particularly pleasurable or sexually stimulating, even with the right placement.

Is there a Fourchette Piercing Problem?

As you can see, improper placement can make a lot of trouble for a Fourchette piercing. However, it is important to understand that there are several different placements for this piercing. A good piercer will always choose the one that is suitable for your anatomy.

What does it mean? While a typical placement for a Fourchette piercing is centrally on the perineum, it is also possible to place it to the side or at an angle. These placements are not technically wrong, as long as they go well with your anatomy and as long as they don’t prevent the functionality of the piercing.

In other words, you might or might not have a Fourchette piercing problem if your piercing is to the side. There might be a reason for your piercer to position it that way. On the other hand, it might be a wrong placement that is not correct for your anatomy. The only way to know is to consult your piercer and also to seek consultation with another, reliable piercer to verify the placement.

In Conclusion

It is important to act quickly so you can minimize the potential problems. Make sure to find a reliable piercer who specializes in female genital piercings. Some piercers will do preliminary consultations online by using photographs. A good piercer can often tell if the placement is wrong just by looking at a photograph.

It is best to act quickly before it’s too late and your Fourchette starts giving you trouble. If you have an improper placement it may be a serious Fourchette piercing problem that might force you to retire your piercing. However, chances are that you can always get pierced again and there is always a chance to save your existing piercing. Keep in mind that the placement you have might not be incorrect even though it’s not typical: the only way to know is to consult a piercer with plenty of experience with Fourchette piercings. Make sure to do this soon so you can act quickly in case there is an actual problem with your piercing.

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