Cum So Much with Urethral Toys

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Why do urethra insertions make me cum so much?

Urethral toys provide some very specific feelings and they change certain experiences. You may find out that these toys affect the way you cum. You may notice that you cum so much with urethral toys or that the force of ejaculation is stronger. All of these things are normal and make one of the best effects of urethral toys. 

Urethral Toys and Ejaculation

Urethral toys can affect ejaculation in several ways. Keep in mind that a sound or a penis plug will create a tight barrier between the ejaculate and the exit (the pee hole). When there is no urethral toy inside, the semen can freely pass through the urethra and to the outside.

Cum So Much with Urethral ToysWith a toy inside, things change. There is an effective barrier that prevents the semen from being ejaculated from the penis. If the barrier is too strong and if it stays in place the semen will go back to the bladder instead through the tip of the penis. This is called retrograde ejaculation and it’s not dangerous in itself but you should not do it often. Also, it is dangerous for some people to do it so it is vital to consult a doctor before you try to engage in urethral play.

When a barrier is removed during orgasm the semen can get out but it is first accumulated at the end of the barrier. It means that when the barrier is removed it gets expelled at huge force, which makes you cum so much with urethral toys.

Also, urethral toys touch some of the most sensitive spots inside the penis and urethra, which makes for higher arousal and bigger ejaculation. This is particularly true if you want to practice prostate stimulation, which makes orgasms longer and ejaculations even stronger.

How to Cum So Much with Urethral Toys?

It is important to note that many people cum so much with urethral toys but this doesn’t happen to everyone. While these toys can sure make ejaculation and orgasm more powerful it doesn’t happen in absolutely all of the cases. Remember: we are all individuals and what works for one person might not work for the other.

While urethral toys typically make for more ejaculate and stronger orgasms it may not happen to everyone. Or just some of these things can happen but not the others. This is something you need to accept about urethral play.

The good news is that most people can cum so much with urethral toys but it is important to choose the right toy for the purpose. It is absolutely vital to pick a penis plug or urethral sound that is about the same size (in diameter) as your urethra. Such a toy will fit perfectly inside and be very snug, so it will make a barrier between the semen and the exit.

Urethral toys provide such pressure so when you remove them during ejaculation the cum is expelled at high force. This is why it looks like there is so much of it. The best way to achieve this is to remove toys at ejaculation so you can see how you can cum so much with urethral toys.

Another reason for this explosive ejaculation is that many times, urethral toys reach all the way down to the prostate. Prostate massage can produce very strong ejaculations, which will make you cum a lot. However, keep in mind that deep urethral stimulation is an advance technique ideal only for users with plenty of experience. This is definitely not something that beginner users should try.

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