How to Correctly Measure Body Jewelry

As soon as the healing period is over, we cannot wait to sport all types of beautiful body jewelry, right? Of course! After all, what is the point of getting a body piercing is you cannot adorn it with eye catching pieces and turn some heads? Most of us shop for body jewelry online. In such a scenario, it is very important to know how to correctly measure body jewelry.

Whether a piercing is fresh or healed, a wrong sized jewelry piece can irritate and infect it. Let’s look at how to correctly measure some of the common types of body jewelry pieces.

Straight Barbells – One of the most common and easy to measure body jewelry pieces, straight barbells are measured along the shaft between the two balls. Used most commonly for tongue and industrial piercings, straight barbells are also very comfortable when worn in almost all piercings including navel, nipple and eyebrow.

Curved Barbells – Primarily used for eyebrow and belly piercings, curved barbells are measured by the inner length between the balls measured in a straight line. The most popular size for an eyebrow curved barbell is 16 gauge 5/16″ or 3/8″, and navel pieces are usually made in 14 gauge 3/8″ or 7/16″. Curved barbells can also be comfortably worn in almost all other piercings.

Captive Bead Rings – Commonly known as CBRs, captive bead rings are measured by the inside diameter.

Circular Barbells – These are measured just like a captive bead ring, by the inside diameter. Circular barbells can be worn in most piercings but especially popular for nipple piercings.

LabretsLabrets, used for lip and mouth piercings, are measured along the shaft between the flat disc and ball or end piece.

Most online body jewelry stores provide size and gauge helps so that customers can order the correct sized body jewelry. These size charts are also accompanied with pictures so that the task is further simplified and buying body jewelry is as easy as it can get!

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