Common Body Piercing Aftercare Problems and How to Effectively Deal with Them

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Proper aftercare of a piercing makes sure that it turns out to be healthy and flaunt worthy. An irritated and infected piercing is neither healthy, nor does it look good. What will you ever wear in a piercing gone bad? No beautiful jewelry and that defeats the whole purpose of getting a body piercing in the first place!

Here are some aftercare problems that arise after a piercing and ways to take care of them.

Over cleaning

The skin around a fresh piercing tends to become tender to touch and more sensitive. While it is important to clean it, over cleaning can result in a much irritated piercing which might turn an angry red. Raw skin is always more susceptible to allergies. Therefore cleaning a piercing more than required (2-3 times a day, with a soft cleanser and light strokes) might make it open to infections and allergies.


Let’s face it. No matter how beautiful it looks adorned with a jewelry piece, a piercing is like an open wound to begin with. Therefore, it can get infection very easily. During the healing period, especially while the piercing is oozing, you must clean it with a good disinfectant suggested by a Professional Piercer, such as H2O. Again, do not over clean it. 2-3 times a day, with cleans and very light strokes should be all that you need.

Metal hypersensitivity

After the piercing, you might discover that you can no longer comfortably wear jewelry made with a particular metal. There is nothing wrong with your piercing; it is just that certain piercings are more sensitive than others. Therefore, while you might be able to get away with wearing jewelry made from just about any metal in your ear lobes, your navel piercing might reject anything less than 14k nickel free gold.

Piercing migration

Migration literally means ‘moving from one place to another’. But it in no way means that your navel piercing will move about and settle itself somewhere else! During the healing period, your piercing might move a few centimeters away from the original place and that might lead to a bit of discomfort. Again, avoid touching the fresh piercing and/or irritating it. If the discomfort is more, accompanied by oozing, bleeding or very raw skin, consult a doctor.

Changing the jewelry piece too soon

We realize that you are very eager to show off your piercing and cannot wait to wear all kinds of attractive jewelry. But it is very important to wait till the healing process is over.

No matter what your parents ( or your kids ) say to scare you, getting a piercing and caring for it is not at all cumbersome. You just have to be careful, keep a few basics in mind, follow some rules of thumb and not touch the piercing a whole lot. At least for the initial 1-2 months treat it with a lot of care and then, you can go ahead and flaunt!

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