What is the Most Comfortable Prince Albert Jewelry?

Most Comfortable Prince Albert Jewelry

What is the Most Comfortable Prince Albert Jewelry

There are many men who have a Prince Albert piercing. In fact, this is by far the most common male genital piercing in the world. This is why many people wonder about the most comfortable Prince Albert jewelry they can find. It is important to understand that all proper PA jewelry pieces are made to be comfortable and enjoyable. The exact piece that brings the most comfort will sometimes depend on the person’s preference so this is something you need to take into account when choosing PA jewelry for yourself.

Choosing the Most Comfortable Prince Albert Jewelry

Here are some tips on how to choose the most comfortable Prince Albert Jewelry for yourself:

Know Your Options

Before you choose male genital jewelry for your PA piercing, it is important to know your options. Not all jewelry pieces are good for this piercing and sometimes, a jewelry piece that is ideal for your friend might be totally wrong for you. This is why it’s important to try several options before you find what suits you best. At the same time, it is crucial to understand that a comfortable PA jewelry is always smooth and appropriate for your anatomy (see below). It should not be too big nor too small and it sure should not get in the way during regular day activities or when you have sex.

Consult Your Piercer

One of the best ways to choose the best Prince Albert jewelry for yourself is to consult your piercer. This should be a reliable individual who has plenty of experience with PA piercings and other genital piercings. Never go to a “regular” piercer that specializes only in non-genital piercings. Their knowledge might not help you much. You will need a professional who is dedicated to genital piercings. Heck, the only way to minimize the risk of a PA piercing is to get pierced by such a professional. While you are there, ask them for recommendation over Prince Albert jewelry and how to make it comfortable in the long run.

What Makes Good PA Jewelry

A good PA jewelry piece is the one that is safe, comfortable and that doesn’t interfere with daily activities or sex. Since Prince Albert piercing is a genital piercing and located at a sensitive boy area, it is crucial that the jewelry is smooth and comfortable. There are many super-smooth PA rings you can use for your piercing and they tend to provide excellent comfort. However, some people prefer to use PA barbells and report great results. It is important to remember that the piece has to be smooth: this is no area for experimenting with sharp decorations!

Another thing to keep in mind is that your PA jewelry shouldn’t be too thin to dig into the tissue. On the other hand, massive PA rings may cause discomfort so don’t overboard unless you truly like these big jewelry pieces. So, when in doubt, go with a smooth ring and you should be able to enjoy excellent comfort.

What Makes Bad PA Jewelry

Basically, anything that violates the guidelines in the previous paragraph. Sharp jewelry with strong edges or heavy texture do not make good genital jewelry if you want to achieve comfort. Also, if your Prince Albert ring is not of an appropriate size, it may cause discomfort when you are moving, sitting or having sex. This is why it is so important to get the right placement and the right size of your jewelry in the first place. If your PA jewelry doesn’t feel comfortable, try a different model or try switching from rings to barbells (or vice versa). Be ready to try different designs until you find Prince Albert jewelry that suits you best.

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