Choosing the Right Penis Plug Size


 I bought an 8km penis plug and it was to small and this was my first time I am wondering if going to an 11mm would be to large

penis-plugThere are many different kinds of penis plugs made for beginners and more experienced users.

When choosing a penis plug for yourself, it is vital to pick the one of the right size. The diameter of the urethral toy should fit your urethra perfectly.

This is the only way to ensure safe and comfortable urethral stimulation.

Which Penis Plug Size to Choose?

This is not always easy to tell. With so many different penis plugs and other urethral toys available, it can be confusing to choose just the right size. People often worry more about the length of their urethral toy. This makes sense: a toy that is too long is not suitable for beginners while a short toy may not fully satisfy a more experienced user looking for some deep urethral stimulation. In this sense, the length of the toy is definitely something to think about.

However, the diameter of your urethral toy is often the most important thing you need to worry about. After all, you can use a long urethral toy and not insert it too deeply if you are inexperienced. On the other hand, a beginner cannot use a toy that is too thick nor too thin. Both of these things are bad. In order to ensure safety, it is best to use only toys that have about the same diameter as your urethra.

Choosing the Right Penis Plug Size: Tips

If 8mm penis plug is too small, then the logical step is to use a bit thicker toy. You did not mention whether 8mm was too small because you are inexperienced or because you are too experienced. Beginner users are strongly advised to avoid thin urethral toys, since they can be sharp and difficult to control. If this is the reason you don’t wish to use an 8mm penis plug, great. It is always good to be careful. On the other hand, you may have some experience and wide urethra. In this case, 8mm might be too thin to satisfy you. If you have a fully stretched and trained urethra it is best to use thicker toys. These are the toys that can satisfy you completely.

As you can see, it is important to understand your experience level and where you stand. As a general rule, however, it is always best to go with a urethral toy that has the same diameter as your urethra. If it’s impossible to find a perfect fit, go with the closest size. When in doubt, it is probably best to go a bit thicker than a bit thin for your urethra. While you should never use toys that are too thick, using a slightly bigger toy may be ok if you use plenty of lube. You should always use generous amount of lube to ensure a smooth and comfortable urethral play. Also, it is important to go slowly and to listen to your body. You should never put too much pressure and risk to hurt your urethra.

When it comes to skipping sizes, though, you need to be careful. If 8mm penis plug is too small, it’s best to try with the next available size, 9mm or perhaps 10mm. Going with 11mm might be too much, but this depends on your urethra. Try to determine how thin is 8mm for you. Is it really thin or does it feel just a bit loose? If you believe your urethra is much wider than 8mm, then using 11mm might not be bad. On the other hand, if 8mm is just a bit loose, it might be better to use a 9mm or 10mm penis plug, if these sizes are available.

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  1. As a plug diameter, I would simply take the diameter of the largest dilator I can introduce. After approximately 2 to 3 weeks the plug will drop out and you can introduce the next larger one. A plug with an olive shape and a slender neck has proven to be beneficial, of course with longitudinal drilling. The plug slips in and then you can not feel in any more, because it fits perfectly into the navicular urethrae fossa. The next plug should be only 0.5mm larger in diameter. 1mm jumps are too much.

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