Choosing the Right Jewelry for VCH Piercing

Choosing the Right Jewelry for VCH PiercingVertical Clitoral Hood (VCH) is the most popular female genital piercing in the world. It is one of the best functional piercings you can get: it enhances the pleasure and make sexual stimulation better and more intense. Many women say that their orgasms are much stronger after getting a Vertical Clitoral Hood piercing and some women had their first orgasm ever with the help of this piercing. It is clear why VCH is so popular and why so many women want to have it. However, keep in mind that a lot of pleasure depends on your jewelry. This is why choosing the right jewelry for VCH piercing is so important.

Another crucial point to keep in mind is that you need to find a reliable piercer with plenty of experience doing VCH piercings. Since this is such a sensitive area it is vital to have someone who knows what they are doing. It is important for your piercer to be knowledgeable about the right placements and to have a history of successful VCH piercings. There is no much room for mistakes here and if you find someone who is not knowledgeable enough you might end up with an injury. Even without such grave consequences, you may end up with an improper placement. No jewelry can help you there so make sure to seek a knowledgeable, professional piercer with plenty of experience.

Remember, with gential piercings it is not enough for your piercer to have experience doing regular piercing: they need to be knowledgeable about genital piercings and the exact piercing you want to get. This is the only way to ensure safety and satisfaction with your piercing.

Provided that you got a good piercing and a proper placement, the next important issue is the jewelry. Choosing the right jewelry for VCH piercing is important because this is what brings heightened pleasure.

The Most Popular VCH Jewelry Choices

The jewelry sits on top of your clitoris and gently rubs on it. Sometimes, you will feel it nicely rub against your clit even if you don’t stimulate the clitoris. At the same time, the jewelry should not be too overwhelming, large or uncomfortable. The jewelry should be such to sit nicely on your clit and gently rubs on it without becoming too intense or uncomfortable in everyday situations.

Your piercer is a good starting point to ask about the best VCH jewelry. In fact, it is their duty to recommend the best VCH jewelry for your anatomy. If your piercer has plenty of experience (and this is the only kind of a piercer you’ll want for this) they will know what kind of jewelry to choose for your anatomy.

Typical jewelry for a VCH piercing is a curved barbell. The length should be such to go under your hood and exit on the bottom side, on top of the clitoris. It is important to wear only jewelry of the right length.

Some women will need to wear a custom curved barbell, the one with the angle of the curve made specifically for their anatomy. If this is the case for you, your piercer should tell you and they will make adjustments to the existing jewelry to produce the one that will suit you best. This is important to achieve a perfect comfort.

Finally, there are women who prefer to wear rings in their VCH piercing. The most popular choice is a Captive Bead Ring but other ring types are also possible. Some women prefer rings to barbells because the ring’s bead can sit on top of the clitoris and provide the most stimulation.

Choosing the Right Jewelry for VCH Piercing: Guidelines

Other than the anatomical requirements, the choice of jewelry is generally yours. Some women simply respond better to one jewelry type than the others. If your piercer says that various jewelry types are good for your anatomy, you can generally try different styles until you see what works the best.

Some women like to choose jewelry based on how it looks. There are some very stylish VCH jewelry pieces, with shiny beads or gems. However, most women choose their VCH jewelry based on how it feels when it’s inside their piercing.

Remember, the shape of the jewelry will influence the sensations. Different jewelry choices will feel different and may bring new sensations so you may wish to experiments! When choosing the right jewelry for VCH piercing, it is best to try out all the styles that your piercer says might be appropriate for you.

At the very least, try both a curved barbell and a ring to see what works best for you. There is no right or wrong way to go here, as long as your piercer says that both styles are appropriate for your anatomy. It all depends on what feels better for you.

Generally speaking, a curved barbell is longer so it comes in touch with the clitoris more. As in, more of the clitoris is covered by the jewelry, which is something many women find arousing. On the other hand, some women prefer rings because the bead of the ring can sit on top of the clit, giving it amazing targeted stimulation. These are just some of the examples of different feelings you can experience with different VCH jewelry.

How to Choose the Right One?

You may not know how your clitoris will react of what will feel the best so it’s good to experiment. Try different VCH jewelry styles until you find the ones that work the best and bring you the most pleasure.

Remember: a good VCH jewelry is the one that heightens your sexual pleasure the most. When choosing the right jewelry for your VCH piercing, you should always go after sensations and not the looks of the jewelry alone.

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