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Captive Bead EarringThere are many different earring styles you can try. Some people opt for large, heavy and dangling pieces. However, not everybody likes this type of big jewelry. What happens if you are a fan of a more subdued style? Luckily, there are many simple yet captivating styles you can use. Among all, Captive Bead earring style is one of the most elegant ones.

What is a Captive Bead Earring Style?

Earrings come in many different designs. Since earlobe piercing is so popular, there are numerous types of earring styles you can use. Even people who are not into body piercing have pierced ears. This means that there are so many earring types you can use. Most of them come in very small gauges, since earlobe piercing holes are typically small for most people. The only exception to this rule are people who choose to stretch their earlobe.

If you are a fan of simple and elegant jewelry, Captive Bead erring style may be the right choice for you. This style uses Captive Bead Rings for earrings. Captive Bead Rings (CBRs) are very popular jewelry style for many different piercings, including the regular earlobe piercing. It means that even people who don’t have other piercings can use these rings.

CBRs make amazing earrings. They are simple yet very elegant and they go with any clothing style. A Captive Bead Ring is a metal ring that is closed using a bead. The bead can typically be popped in and out so this is how you open and close your earring.

A Variety of Choices

On the surface, this style includes a simple ring design. However, a Captive Bead earring style is much more than this. The earring comes in many different materials, from Surgical Steel to Titanium and 14k Gold, so you can pick your favorite one. Also, many of these materials come in different colors so this is a great way to add a variety to your style.

Another great thing about Captive Bead Rings is that there is a huge choice of beads you can use. You may opt for a simple and elegant gold or a Surgical Steel bead in the metal’s natural color. On the other hand, you may choose an earring with a special bead that includes coloration, pattern or an image. It is even possible to get your Captive Bead earring with a gem. Such a gem comes inside of the bead and can add a shiny touch to your earring.

Also, don’t forget that most of these rings can include dangles and other ornaments to make a richer design. This is a great way to customize your style according to the occasion.

Recommended Products

If you like Captive Bead earring style, here are some great designs you can use for your earlobe piercing. These rings are safe for the body and include numerous materials, colors and designs so you will be able to choose the one that suits you best.

Here are some Captive Bear earrings you may like:

Ultra Premium Titanium Captive Bead Ring, Double Ball Closure Pendulum Captive Bead Ring, 14K Gold – Captive Rings with Specialty Beads, 14K Gold – Gem Ball Ring, Big Ball Chunk Ring.

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