How to Choose the Best Piercing Ring

choose the best piercing ring

14K Gold Small Flower Fixed Ring

Piercing rings are by far the most popular body jewelry types. Despite a similar basic design, these rings are extremely varied. Captive Bead Rings, Fixed rings, Screwball rings, Seamless and Segment rings – all these different ring designs bring something new. Many people also choose their piercing rings based on the piercing type. This way, you get navel rings, brow rings, nipple rings, and more. However, it is not always easy to choose the best piercing ring. Here are some tips that will help you decide.

Choose the Best Piercing Ring: Shape

The first thing to think about when you want to choose the best piercing ring is the shape. Also known as the type of the ring, the shape determines the overall designs of a piercing ring.

The two main types of piercing rings are those with beads and those without beads. Rings with beads consist of a body of the ring and the bead. A bead can be a nice decorative element that enhances the look of a ring. On the other hand, a bead can be a nuisance, for example, for those who want perfectly spherical rings with no additions. Also, in some cases, beads that detach easily can be a problem. For example, a tongue ring with a bead is beautiful but it is important to make sure that the bead doesn’t scratch the teeth or gets swallowed.

Depending on the way the bead attaches to the ring there are Captive Bead Rings (with a bead that is not permanently attached), Screwball rings (with a bead that is screwed onto the body of the ring) and Fixed rings (with the bead that is fixed onto the body of the ring).

Rings without beads are typically smooth and spherical. These are seamless and segment rings. They don’t generally don’t contain additional elements so they are ideal for those looking for perfect style and elegance. For example, a gold segment ring can look very stylish with any outfit so it can truly enhance your piercing.

Choose the Best Piercing Ring: Material

Many people don’t really think about materials when choosing their piercing rings, but this is an important step. Keep in mind that body jewelry materials are more than just the aesthetics. In order to stay safe and keep your piercings problem-free, you need to choose rings made of safe materials.

Some of the best piercing jewelry materials include Surgical Steel, titanium and 14k nickel-free gold. These are safe materials you can use for jewelry of all types. Another good thing about these materials is that they produce gorgeous jewelry pieces.

Piercing ring materials are also about the looks. Surgical Steel looks shiny and polished. Gold is a luxurious material that many people want to use for their body jewelry. For example, gold navel rings are among the most popular piercing rings in the world. Titanium and niobium are great materials because you can anodize them to produce various bright colors. These are ideal for those who want colorful jewelry but don’t want jewelry pieces with coating or dye.

Choose the Best Piercing Ring: Decoration

Another thing to consider when you want to choose the best piercing ring for your piercing are decorations. Piercing rings come with many amazing decorations that you may want to enjoy. For example, a typical belly ring design includes at least one decorative element – a gem. Other rings may be completely smooth and elegant, while there are also rings with charms, dangle gems and other elaborate decorations.

When choosing a piercing ring, keep in mind the occasion. Some situations require discreet jewelry pieces so those rings without many decorative elements are the best for these occasions. On the other hand, special occasions require richly ornamented jewelry pieces. It is important to know how to choose your piercing ring based on the occasion and decorative elements.

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