Choose a Piercer for Genital Piercings

Genital JewelryGenital piercings are beautiful and very attractive. Not to mention that many of them are also functional, that is, they can enhance sexual pleasure for the wearer and their partner. It is therefore not surprising that genital piercings are more popular than many people think.

However, it is important to note that genital piercings are very specialized types of piercings. Since they are done on such a sensitive body part and since they are not as common as, say, earlobe or navel piercings, not all piercers are highly qualified to perform them. This is something you need to keep in mind if you want to choose a piercer for genital piercings.

How to Choose a Piercer for Genital Piercings

There are some common tips on how to choose the right piercer that you need to follow. All piercings, regardless of the body part, require to be done by an experienced piercer in a reliable studio. This is a must for all piercings so you should never allow to be pierced by someone who is not a professional.

That being said, choosing the right piercer for your genital piercings also requires some additional steps. Since these are highly-specialized piercings not all piercers are knowledgeable about them. There are many great, reliable piercers who are simply not trained nor experienced with genital piercings. There is nothing wrong about that, and a good, reliable piercer will openly admit this fact. Not all piercers perform genital piercings and this is ok – what you need to do is to find a trained, experienced individual.

This is the main advice about choosing a piercer for genital piercings: find the one who knows how to perform them, and how knows how to perform them right.

Here are some of the most important tips for choosing the right piercer for genital piercings:

  • The person must be knowledgeable and experienced with the type of piercing you wish to get. Remember, there are many different genital piercings so your chosen piercer has to know how to perform the one you are interested in.
  • The person must have a good record and portfolio. Being experienced is not the only thing to think about. You also want a piercer who knows how to perform these piercings right. This is not a place for mistakes!
  • The person doesn’t make mistakes. Similar to the above, but it’s worth to be emphasized. Genital piercings are no place for mistakes, especially the big ones. With genital piercing, even a slight misalignment or improper placement can lead to big problems, so choose wisely! Research your potential piercer and find out if they are known for their good work without mistakes. Seek proof of a job well done and make sure to always check if the piercer has a reputation of improper placements. Even if these past improper placements never produced serious injuries doesn’t mean that it won’t happen to you. For all of these reasons, make sure to research your chosen piercer and verify that they are not known as being sloppy.
  • The person is fast. While it is important to be careful while performing piercings, one of the signs of a good piercer is how fast they can perform the piercing. Skilled piercers are fast, which means less pain and discomfort for you. This is why it’s best to find someone who will be able to make a proper placement on the first go and perform the piercing quickly and without much pain for you. This is always a good thing to have in your piercer but it becomes vital when it comes to such sensitive piercings such as genital piercings.
  • The person is willing to offer consultation and information. Genital piercings are a big decision so you need someone who is willing to share their knowledge with you and inform you about all aspects of the piercing procedure.
  • The person knows how to adjust piercing to your anatomy. This is one of the most important things. Each person is individual and your piercing has to be adjusted to your anatomy. Seek for a piercer who can accommodate you in this sense. Never go for a piercer who performs generic piercings without evaluation and adjustments according to the person’s anatomy.
  • The person has a good “vibe”. Last but not the least, your chosen piercer has to give a good vibe. This is not easy to explain, but if you get a funny feeling about a piercer, even if they seem great on paper and even if they have good experience, maybe it’s best to leave. After all, piercings are an art form and there are many different artists, so maybe this person’s style is just not something that suits you. There is nothing wrong about it – you should be fully satisfied with your choice of piercer before you get your genital piercing.
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