How to Choose Jewelry for Big Nipples

Jewelry for Big NipplesOne of the first thing people with nipple piercings want to know is the kind of jewelry they can wear. Some people assume that a lot will depend on the size of their nipples. However, this is not always true. There are many different nipple rings you can wear regardless of your nipple size. At the same time, keep in mind that some jewelry pieces will look better on certain anatomy types. This is why people looking for jewelry for big nipples need to choose the best pieces that will work best for their anatomy. The same goes for people with small nipples – it’s all about choosing the jewelry pieces that suit you best.

Choosing Jewelry for Big Nipples

Those wondering how to choose jewelry for big nipples need to ask themselves what “big nipples” actually mean. There are many different ways to interpret this term and not all of them are correct. If it’s about the difference between male and female nipples, it is important to know that it’s easy to find good jewelry pieces for both. While men have generally much smaller nipples than women, they can wear almost identical jewelry. For example, nipple barbells that work for female nipples will also work for male ones. The only difference will be the length and (possibly) the gauge but this is something your piercer will explain to you during the procedure.

Another misconception is that areola counts as a nipple. Areola is not part of the nipple and it is not pierced during the procedure. This is particularly important for women to remember: your nipple piercing should not go through your areola. With men, some nipple piercings do go partially through the areola but it isn’t so much of a trouble because there is no potential breastfeeding. However, the size of one’s areola doesn’t determine the size of the nipple or size of the nipple piercing. Keep this in mind when searching for the best jewelry for big nipples.

If you truly have big nipples there is basically only one thing to worry about: the length of your jewelry piece. Luckily, there are many nipple jewelry pieces so it’s possible to choose the ones that suit you best.

The Length of Jewelry Pieces

One of the most important aspect of choosing nipple jewelry is to get the right length. Along with gauge, it is the crucial component of nipple jewelry that you need to think about. People rarely make a mistake with gauge because they generally know their gauge (the size of the piercing hole) and have older jewelry pieces to compare.

However, the length is sometimes a confusing component and this is where people make a mistake. The length of your nipple jewelry has to be long enough to accommodate the nipple. Rings and straight barbells that are too short will rub against the nipple and hurt it. If a jewelry piece is too long it can easily get snagged on clothes. This is why it’s important to choose jewelry of the appropriate length. Keep this in mind if you have big nipples: chances are that you will need jewelry a bit longer than typical pieces.

Luckily, your piercer is there to help you. Your piercer will choose the appropriate size for your nipple jewelry during the procedure. If you need to change your nipple piece later, you can consult your piercer to tell you the right length of jewelry that you need to order.

Keep in mind that there are many wonderful nipple jewelry choices for people with big nipples, such as gorgeous nipple shields, gem nipple barbells, nipple whirls or decorative nipple rings. There are even super-attractive wood nipple rings ideal for those with stretched nipple piercings. Those with huge nipples don’t need to worry about finding the appropriate jewelry for big nipples. Just make sure to pay attention to length of your jewelry and you should be fine and will be able to enjoy your nipple jewelry to the fullest.

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