Is Chastity Stretching Your Balls?

chastityMany people interested in male chastity wonder about its effect on the penis, scrotum and genitalia in general. Since people approach male chastity for various reasons and with various preferences, it is important to know what kind of side effect you may expect from your chastity cages and chastity devices. One of the most common questions about these devices is about their effect on the scrotum. Is chastity stretching your balls? There are some men who appreciate longer scrotum but others prefer for their balls to stay the same size even after using male chastity. That’s why this subject is so important to many men and their partners who wish to try male chastity.

Can Chastity Affect Your Balls?

Those who want to know is chastity stretching your balls need to understand that male chastity is not about ball stretching. Of course, you can incorporate it in your play and make it part of your male chastity experience. Indeed, some couples do want to include ball stretching and use special male chastity devices that do affect testicles.

However, male chastity is generally not about ball stretching and does not affect balls in the same way that ball weights do. Male chastity devices are designed to safely and comfortably lock up a male genitalia. This works in different ways so there are many different male chastity devices to choose from. At the same time, ball stretching is generally not the goal here so male chastity devices do not focus on it.

In some cases, the ring that goes around the base of the penis that some male chastity devices use can affect testicles in certain ways. Some men will notice a bit of a stretch or a slight change, but this is typically not pronounced. Even those who wear male chastity devices for long periods of time should not notice any significant changes, let alone permanent ones. In other words, this is not something you should worry about. At the same time, you should be ready that your male chastity device might affect your balls in subtle ways. This is part of the experience and you and your partner should embrace it as such.

So, is Chastity Stretching Your Balls?

Is chastity stretching your balls? The truth is that there is no easy answer to this question. The quickest way to answer it is: maybe, but it depends on the device you use. See, with so many different penis cages and other male chastity devices out there, the effects you can get for your scrotum are very varied.

Some stretching devices are probably more likely to cause temporary stretching than the others. Those with very tight rings that go around the base of the penis may cause some stretching. However, it all depends on the person and some penis cages do not have this effect at all.

What is important to know is that any stretching you achieve is probably very temporary. Keep in mind: ball stretching is not easy. People who wish to do it and who want to have noticeable results need to really work for it. Ball stretching can almost never happen randomly: you need to really invest effort, time and care into it. Even with this effort, many times any change to the scrotum is temporary. In order to maintain their low hangers, many men need to keep on using ball stretching devices and ball weights.

Someone who uses only male chastity devices is not very likely to have any permanent or particularly noticeable stretching results. Of course, it all depends on your individual anatomy and male chastity cages you use, but this is not something you should worry about too much. Just enjoy your chastity experience and don’t be alarmed if you notice any unwanted ball stretching. Chances are that it is temporary and it will not affect you much.

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