Are Chastity Devices Comfortable?

Chastity Devices ComfortableMany people who wish to try male chastity play wonder about chastity cages. Are chastity devices comfortable? Can you wear them without a problem for long periods of time? These are just some of the questions that people want to know before starting to experiment with male chastity.

Can You Have Comfort with Chastity Devices?

Are chastity devices comfortable? Many people wonder this and for many people, the fear of discomfort can be so strong that they forget about male chastity play. Some people see male chastity as a physical punishment so they assume that all chastity cages are uncomfortable and can cause a lot of pain.

In reality, male chastity devices are not uncomfortable. In fact, many of them are designed specifically for comfort. Remember, denying sexual pleasure is not the same thing as pain. Those who want to try male chastity don’t need to worry about it.

Of course, it is possible to use male chastity for more intense or even extreme sensations. There are people who like BDSM and painful pleasures so they often use male chastity for pain and torture. It is true that it is possible to use male chastity devices in this way. Some penis cages are even good for CBT (cock and ball torture). Those who want to experience pain and extreme sensations can sure use male chastity for this purpose.

However, it would be wrong to say that male chastity play is about pain and discomfort. Male chastity cages and other chastity devices are typically there to provide comfort. The goal is to prevent sexual stimulation for the penis but it doesn’t mean that a cage has to be uncomfortable. In fact, many chastity devices are actually comfortable to wear.

Why are Chastity Devices Comfortable?

While not all male chastity devices are comfortable, many are, or are at least more comfortable than they look. This may seem counter-intuitive but keep in mind that the goal of male chastity play is not to necessarily cause pain or discomfort. People who want to try painful pleasures can sure use these devices but it doesn’t mean that this is the main role of penis cages and other male chastity devices.

In fact, many chastity cages are surprisingly comfortable. The reason is simple: these devices are there for long-term wear. The goal is to put a penis cage on and keep it on the penis for longer periods of time.

To have a super-uncomfortable device simply doesn’t make sense in this context. In fact, discomfort can be very counter-productive for a male chastity cage. Such a cage needs to be sturdy and to prevent sexual stimulation. Discomfort is not part of it. Having an uncomfortable device would make wearing it for days difficult or nearly impossible. This is simply not acceptable for many people.

Just like a male chastity device needs to allow for easy cleaning of the penis, it should provide enough comfort. The reason for both is simple: so you can wear the cage for long periods of time. Sure, there are some male chastity devices that are closed so they make cleaning difficult. There are also uncomfortable penis cages. The point is that this is not the mainstream. Pain and discomfort are not integral part of male chastity play. This is why many male chastity devices actually provide enough comfort for long-term wear.

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