Forever Changing Trends in Body Jewelry and How You Can Keep Up

Trends in body jewelry change faster than you can say ‘jewelry’. In a matter of days, hot becomes the not and jewelry lovers are left exasperated. Unlike celebrities, we cannot afford either the time or the money, to change our jewelry with the changes on the runway or on magazine covers. The good news is as the trends change, you don’t have to change your complete collection; a few pieces would do the trick. Another way is to stick to some basics which always were, and will be, hot.

Here are a few simple ways to keeps up with the ever-changing fashions in the body jewelry world:

  • Gold, gold and more gold Gold was hot when jewelry was born and it is today. Now that’s a trend which hasn’t changed for centuries and will not anytime soon (maybe never?). When set in gold, all gems and designs look attractive and anything that looks attractive never goes out of fashion. What’s more, gold can be yellow or white. So while silver might be fashionable at times, gold is here and now. Stock up on gold body jewelry and you will always have pieces which are in fashion.
  • Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. They were when they were first dug and they are today. The appeal of diamonds will never fade. A solid solitaire set ring or ear pieces looked as good on Marilyn Monroe as they do on Jennifer Aniston. So invest in some good diamond jewelry and you will be the proud owner of forever graceful jewelry pieces. Too expensive, you say? Not anymore! A lot of online body jewelry stores offer great discounts on diamond jewelry which is genuine and backed by multiple guarantees.
  • Filigree is evergreen Delicate designs never go out of fashion, so filigree is, was and always will be in and hot. The beauty of filigree designs is that they look so delicate and dainty, while at the same time giving a chunky look, that all outfits go with them and they are apt for all occasions. Add some filigree to your collection, hoops, rings, pendants, etc., and ensure that you have some items to flaunt for a very long time to come.
  • Pile up on pearls None can resist the dainty looking pearls with their innocent aura. Body jewelry which is set with pearls makes a perfect wear. Be it a long strands of pearls for the neck or a simple pearl glittering alone at the end of a barbell, the head turning effect is never lost. Add the glitter of pearls to your jewelry boxes and reserve a piece or two which will be forever in and go perfectly well with all outfits. Pearls always complete the look!

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