5 Sure Sings that Your Piercing is Infected and the Precautions You Can Take

What can ruin a perfectly good and hot looking piercing? Infections! Once infected, piercings hurt, bleed, ooze and, in short, don’t look pretty. Body piercings are the in thing and we all must get them, but with every good thing comes a bunch of responsibility. When you decide to get a piercing, especially in uncommon places like navel, eyebrow, genital, etc., the before and aftercare is very essential so that your piercing does not turn into a painful experience.

Here are some signs to tell that your piercing is infected:

1.Redness While every fresh piercing and its surrounding areas have some redness initially, this should go away in a maximum of 7 days depending upon the area. Redness which is prolonged and accompanied with tenderness and pain is a sign of infection. Look into it immediately.

2.Swelling Just like redness, a little initial swelling is alright but if it is prolonged, the piercing is probably infected.

3.Excessive oozing If even after a week or so of a fresh piercing, there is a lot of oozing and puss, it is time to go to a doctor. The piercing is definitely infected and before the infection spreads, you need to get rid of it.

4.Discoloration An area which is infected will be of a different color from the rest of your skin; probably a darker red or brown.

5.Pain When you get a piercing, pain is an obvious side-effect but it should pretty much subside after 3-4 days. If the piercing area hurts more than usual, sometimes to a point where you find it difficult to touch it, the piercing is infected.

Some precautions you should take

When your piercing gets infected, it should be immediately attended to. Sometimes infections, if left untended, can even be fatal. Here are some precautions you should take which will gradually eliminate the infection.

  • Go to a doctor!
  • This is definitely the most important thing to do. As soon as you observe your piercing behaving in a not-so-nice way, rush to the doctor’s. You will be able to determine how bad the area is infected and how long it will take to heal.

  • Clean with a good antibacterial
  • We all know infections are the work of nasty bacteria which are lurking everywhere. When you notice an infection, wash the piercing religiously with a good antibacterial. A good homemade piercing solution is – mix 1/2 teaspoon sea-salt with 8 ounces warm water and wash the area for 15 minutes, 2-3 times a day.

  • Refrain from touching the piercing
  • An infected piercing WILL itch, but that doesn’t mean you can scratch. In fact, scratching an infected piercing and irritating it further is the worst thing you can do. Also, don’t try to change the existing jewelry piece. Just let it be!

  • Always wear pure jewelry
  • Even if you are not allergic to metal materials, always wear quality jewelry made from pure, (nickel free when possible), especially if your piercing is already going the infection way. Platinum, nickel free gold, titanium niobium and medical grade surgical steel such as 316LVM are good bets.

Remember, while fresh piercings are highly prone to infections and allergies, completely healed ones can also get infected if the choice of jewelry is wrong or there is no care or some additional trauma. So keep your piercings clean and choose body jewelry which comes from a trusted source and is made from fine and pure materials.

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