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Blackline Gem Set Captive Bead Rings

In Body Piercing, many people use Captive Bead Rings to fill their pierced holes. Captive Bead Rings are available in a variety of metals such as 14K Gold, Surgical Steel, Acrylic, and Titanium, just to name a few. All of these metals can be used safely in your piercings unless you have an allergy of course. Captive Bead Rings can can be used in most but not all Body Piercings. If you are unsure, just Ask Us, and we will be happy to help you. They are probably the most widely used piece of body jewelry due to their versatility and their low cost. They are available as small as 18 Gauge and as Large as 0 Gauge. However 2 gauge and larger are very hard to work with.

Here are Links to most of our different Captive Bead Rings

14K Gold Captive Bead Rings

Surgical Steel Captive Bead Rings

All Other Materials 

How do Captive Bead Rings work?

It is a ring that has a bead held in place by the pressure. The bead has dimples on each side which the ends of the ring fit into. The bead is then held in place by the tension of the ring pushing against itself. So the bead is held in place “captively”.

The nice thing about them is that the rings can be adjusted to fit many different size beads, and also that you can wear different charms in them depending on your mood. The bad thing is that it is much easier to lose a bead or charm compared to the “Fixed” rings, where the bead or charm is attached to one side of the ring.

How to remove the Ball from the Ring?

In the small gauges you can do it with your hands, but it is always much much easier with the proper tools for the body jewelry. We have ring Opening pliers that are made just for the captive rings. If you open the ring up to far (which is common) then you will need the ring Closing pliers. They are available in different sizes depending on the diameter of the ring and the Gauge of the Jewelry, even X-Large Pliers for the heavy gauge rings.
Also “Small” Ring Closing Pliers are one of the most valuable tools going because they have a notch cut into them to hold the beads, which is usually the hardest part of opening and closing the captive bead rings.

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