Can’t Take Ear Plug Out: What to Do?

can't take ear plug outCan u help plz lol. I’ve had my ears at 6mm for about a month, I put in double flair “fashion” plugs yesterday and my ears are having a reaction to them, I was able to get one out but the other feels like it was might be getting an infection. It’s super tight and because the front is a large design I can’t get lube/oils down to the actual hole. There metal and trying to take it out really hurts but I don’t want to leave it in there and cause a full blown infection. Ps I live in a small mining town and there are no piercers here that I can go to for help. Thank you

~ Paige

This sounds like a problem. Many times, people try to insert an ear plug that is too big for their hole. It may be possible to insert the jewelry but taking it out becomes difficult. Luckily, there are some thing you can try to improve the situation when you can’t take ear plug out. However, if nothing works make sure to visit your doctor. Keeping a tight plug inside of the earlobe can make it infected. You have to do everything you can to prevent that.

What if I Can’t Take Ear Plug Out?

If the piercing hole is too small for the jewelry, it can get stuck. This can easily happen with ear plugs that are larger than your stretched earlobe piercing. Ear plugs can be very tricky in this regard if they have flares. In this case, it may be very difficult to take ear plug out of your ear.

In case it won’t move and you can’t take ear plug out, there are several things you can try. The first thing is to try rubbing some oil or lube on the plug and the hole. It may be difficult depending on the design, but keep trying. Do your best to not put too much pressure so you don’t irritate your ear even more.

If this doesn’t work, try some soap during a shower. A shower will make your skin warm ad stretchable so it will be easier to take the plug out. Make sure to apply soap on the ear and the plug – hopefully, some of it will get under the plug and into the hole so you will be able to remove jewelry. Just make sure to rinse out any remaining soap after you get the plug out.

If nothing works, it would be for the best to visit your doctor or a nurse. They can help you get the plug out. Another advantage to visiting a healthcare professional is to make sure that there is no infection underway. A jewelry that is stuck is a recipe for trouble. If you can’t take ear plug out it can easily become infected and cause numerous problems. This is why it’s important to consult your doctor so you can treat the infection properly.

Unsafe Materials?

Another thing to worry about is the material. Once you get the plug out and make your ear clear of any potential infection, it is important to know what kind of a material caused that sort of reaction. Keep in mind that there are many subpar jewelry pieces out there that are made of materials that are not safe for the body. Remember, a plain metal wire or plug is not necessarily good for you. This material will likely contain nickel, which can cause numerous reactions and very serious allergies.

This is particularly dangerous if you have just stretched your ear to a new size. Your ear is sensitive until the stretching heals and should be treated just like a new piercing. It means that you need to use only jewelry made of super-safe materials. Remember, there are some materials that are generally safe for body jewelry but only for old and well established piercings. If you have a new piercing or a newly stretched piercing, you need to use super-safe body materials.

The best super-safe material you can get is titanium. It does not contain any harmful alloys so it is ideal for new piercings or new stretchings.

Titanium is also a great hypo-allergenic material for all those who do get reactions even with the best jewelry. Remember, you can have body jewelry made of proper, safe materials but to simply be overly sensitive. In these cases, using a hypo-allergenic material such as titanium might be the best idea.


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