Can’t Take a Ribbed Plug Out: What to Do?

ribbed plug

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Im using a ribbed plug 10mm I can’t get it out and think lube dried up, has 6 round pins I’ve managed to get one out so far then small bleeding seeped out, I dunno what to do I don’t wanna go to a n e but I can’t get it out.

 ~ David

There are many different types of penis plugs and other urethral toys you can use for pleasure. A nice ribbed plug is a premium toy ideal for all kinds of pleasure. There are many people who love the feeling of a ribbed penis plug massaging their urethra. However, keep in mind that these toys are generally good for users with some experience. They may be overwhelming to beginner users, and there is always a risk of burning and other problems. What if a ribbed plug gets stuck so you cannot get it out? The same goes for other urethral toys: what to do if you cannot make them get out of the penis?

What if a Ribbed Plug Won’t Get Out?

The first thing you need to do if you can’t get a ribbed plug or another urethral toy out is not to panic. There is a way out of this situation but you need to stay calm.

The first thing you need to so is to relax your penis and make the skin expand. This is the best way to remove your ribbed plug or whatever toy you have inside of your penis. The best way to go is to sit in a warm bath. This should make your skin stretchable and will help enlarging your urethra.

Sometimes, simply sitting in a warm bath will do the trick. If this is not enough, use some lube on the urethral opening. Make sure to lube your pee hole and try to squeeze some lube down the penis. It is best to do it while your skin is still relaxed from the bath. This should help you get the toy out of the penis.

What to Do in the Future

Once your ribbed plug or another toy is out, you can relax. The crisis is over! However, there are some things you need to think about to prevent this issue from happening again. Also, there are some things you need to do to prevent further problems to your penis:

  • Let your body recover. If you had a toy stuck inside of the urethra, particularly for longer periods of time, you need to let your body recover. Never start a new sounding session straight ahead! Take some time, such as a day or more, to let your body recover. You should not attempt to insert another toy while you experience burning and other issues.
  • Anticipate burning. If your ribbed plug was inside for a long time, chances are that your penis will burn afterwards. This will be particularly noticeable during urination. Accept this as normal. It should go away within a day or several days. However, if the burning persist or if it gets worse, make sure to consult your doctor.
  • Use plenty of lube next time. Next time you attempt sounding, be smarter. Use plenty of sterile lube. Make sure to apply lube both on the toy and your penis. Also, make sure to regularly re-apply lube during play. This is the only way to prevent further issues with urethral toys.
  • Choose the right size of a urethral toy. Never use toys that are too big for your urethra! This can cause over-stretching and you are risking to have your toy get stuck inside again. Make sure that the toy can easily slide in and out of the penis.
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