Can You Use Body Jewelry after Someone Else?

Can You Use Body Jewelry after Someone ElsePeople with body piercings typically have a nice body jewelry collection. Even if you only have one piercing chances are that you have some nice jewelry to go with it. The more piercings you have the more jewelry pieces you’ll need. It is interesting that many people find that they are always on a lookout for beautiful body jewelry pieces.

This opens the issue of second hand body jewelry. Can you use body jewelry after someone else? Is this safe and hygienic? Some people also wonder about sharing jewelry pieces. Is this a good thing to do?

Second Hand Jewelry

When you ask if you should use body jewelry after someone else, what you’re asking is about second hand jewelry. Just like any other product, you can find second hand body jewelry out there. What is second hand body jewelry? This is jewelry that has already been used before. You are not the first owner of such jewelry and typically not the first person to wear it.

In some cases, this might not be bad. Second hand jewelry might be okay if it’s never been worn and if it comes in its original packaging. Such jewelry might be suitable to wear, though it is always recommended to take it to a piercing studio to be autoclave and cleaned properly.

However, these situations are rare. Second hand body jewelry is typically jewelry that has already been worn. This is not an ideal situation, to put it mildly. You will be coming in close touch with other people’s bodily fluids, which is a recipe for a trouble. This is always an issue when it comes to reusing body jewelry.

So, Can You Use Body Jewelry after Someone Else?

The answer is that you can, but it is not recommended. In fact, it is best if you don’t. While nobody can prevent you from sharing jewelry with someone or using second hand body jewelry, there are many good reasons why this is a bad practice. You should avoid this at all costs.

In other words, just because you can do something doesn’t mean that you should. Sharing jewelry or using second hand body jewelry is a harmful practice that can endanger you. It is just not worth it. With so many gorgeous jewelry pieces out there, you can sure find new jewelry to use for your piercings. There is no reason why you might want to use body jewelry after someone else.

Be extra careful around those who want to sell you second hand body jewelry at all costs. There is often a sketchy motive behind this so you need to pay attention. It is always best to refuse these offers, even if jewelry is cheap or on a discount. It is always best to use only new jewelry for your piercings.

There might be some exceptions to these rules. Some people don’t mind sharing jewelry with their lover or a family member. Keep in mind, however, that you are opening yourself up to same risks. Sure, it is not as risky as using second hand jewelry from strangers but it is still not something you should do. Similarly, it’s best if you don’t lend your body jewelry to anyone. It is always the best to use new jewelry you can get at reputable stores.

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